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Royal Dental Laboratory Mumbai has used world’s latest and most advanced technology for making crown and bridges for long term dental prosthesis such as in house CAD-CAM technology and 3D printing. This dental laboratory in Mumbai does as much as they can for your patients, but as little as possible to the patient. Thus at Royal dental Lab, each day goes by in more research and developmental work and that is how we are able to innovate solutions in dentistry. 

At Royal Dental Laboratory in Mumbai, you will find solutions for various materials grouped as metal free high performance polymers such as Royal.HIPC, which has strength of about 120 MPa. and can be fixed on framework (if needed) of Royal.BioPEEK having strength of 180 MPa. For a long-term dental prosthesis – HIPC has already been tested in vivo and approved for expected life of over 9 years and is clinically-proven and safe to use. Royal.HIPC is plaque-resistant with excellent gingiva compatibility and resistant to discolourations and thus lead to a higher level of patient acceptance. 

Royal Dental Technologies

3D Imaging, Carestream – CS 9300

CS 9300 was introduced at Royal Dental Mumbai in 2018 and has been ideal for our dental and maxillofacial practices. It features dual modality panoramic and 3D imaging with exceptional detail and range, which helps perfect all-in-one solution for our practice. Its all-in-one system in addition to 2D and 3D diagnostic imaging gives us precise digital 3D models for other applications, including cosmetic surgeries, periodontics and endodontics surgeries and implant planning.

In-house CBCT X-ray
In-house CBCT X-ray

Along with its exceptional 3D imaging capabilities, the CS 9300 also features  2D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology and can even be upgraded to include one-shot cephalometric imaging. 2D options include standard panoramic, segmented panoramic, maxillary sinus and TMJ cephalometric option. This scanning procedure helps us to understand the concerns of patients within few seconds while they are on the dental chair.

Extraoral Scanning, Medit – Identica T500

Dental casts is a copy of patient’s teeth and mouth structures for diagnostic purposes and are used as models for further casting of dental prosthetics such as bridges, crowns, implants, dentures, and partial dentures. Furthermore, the use of Medit scanner for a powerful scan of this cast and bite of our patients. Its evolutionary design and high- tech features helps us to get precise scanning at our lab. It has unsurpassed speed, accuracy and reliability such that our treatment planning can be done precisely. In addition, with the high-speed camera and projector, we can scan a full arch in just few seconds and this helps us to plan our treatment and results on same day.

Digital Smile Design

3D Printing, Formlabs – Form 2 at Dental Laboratory

Additive manufacturing in our practice allows us to produce crowns very quickly, as the process can be done by the person scanning and planning itself. It makes possible to get a scan of the patient’s teeth, model it and to directly print the crown. We have planned cases and the print quality and precision is excellent along with reliable and predictable results. 

3D printing in dental

Dental 3D printing is a key at Royal lab for modern dentistry, as it really helps for customisation and treatment planning. Additive manufacturing also has an important role in dental implant surgery. It is actually possible to create a 3D model to replace a missing tooth with more accuracy than with traditional methods. Dental Laboratory in Mumbai can even produce crowns very quickly by scanning the patient’s teeth, modelling it and printing the crown.

Computer Aided Designing, Exocad – Valletta 2.2

The start of every engineering process begins in the world of CAD. Our Exocad offers software at Royal lab is an integrated software solution that guarantees the seamless functionality of the digital workflow – from virtual, prosthetic-oriented implant planning with exoplan to designing surgical guides with our Guide Creator. The software supports the design of dental restorations that can be produced at chair-side: inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, and pontics.  

digital smile design exocad

Computer Aided Manufacturing at Royal Dental

CAM is an application technology that uses computer software and machinery to facilitate and automate manufacturing processes. It uses computer-driven manufacturing processes for enhanced and streamlined manufacturing, efficient design and superior machinery automation. Without CAM, there is no CAD. CAD focuses on the design of a product or part. How it looks, how it functions. CAM focuses on how to make it.

1) Xtcera – X-Mill 300

X-mill 300 is a four-axis joint dental carving and milling machine which has an integrated design. Hence, the work area can be simplified. It has 4-axis dry milling processing which helps mill inlays,  onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, and pontics. 

2) CORiTEC 350i – imes-icore

The CORiTEC 350i processing system is an innovative machine concept, developed to meet our requirements of modern CAD/CAM processing. The processing of all relevant prosthesis materials of composite resin (Royal.resin, Royal.CemResin, Royal.3Dresin), PMMA (Royal.multiCOM), high-impact polymer (Royal.HIPC) and Royal.BioPEEK is possible with a single machine system, virtually without restrictions. Its 5-axes simultaneous wet/dry processing for exceptional speed and precision is commendable. 350i’s process capability for all dental materials including metals for greatest versatility.  

big teeth smile design
Smile Designing | Royal Dental Laboratory Mumbai

Radiovisiography, Vatech 2.2

Radiovisiography is a new intra-oral radiographic imaging system. Its rounded corner design allows maximum comfortable placement against soft tissue. Patients feel pain because delicate oral mucosa gets pressure from a hard sensor corner. However, rounded corner can reduce that pain. But it has a possibility of reducing active image area. However, this is the technology that sustains the perfect balance between them. In addition, ergonomically designed sensor meets the needs of various cases. Furthermore, the rounded & cut edges provide best possible comfort for the patients. The Vatech’s unique size 1.5 sensor fits almost all patients.

Royal Dental Materials at Laboratory

Royal.resin material at Royal Dental

Material properties: 

  • Firstly, Metal free
  • Secondly, Strength – >65 mpa
  • Thirdly, E- modulus – >2800mpa
  • Above all, Indicated wearing time – 6 months


These prosthesis have a higher wear and tear and discolouration when compared with the higher performance polymers. Still, they have a distinct advantage of reducing the load on the underlying structures under circumstances of heavy bite force, paan- supari habit, bruxism, clenching etc. However, they can be used as permanent prosthesis in such cases. 

Royal.multiCOM at Dental laboratory

Material properties:

  • Metal free  
  • Strength – >100 mpa
  • Indicated wear time 2 years
  • E-modulus – >2200 mpa


These materials can be used as permanent prosthesis over natural tooth or implants. Furthermore, they do not discolour easily. They have a higher resistance to scratching and abrasion, hence the aesthetics last longer than resin.

Dr Chirag Chamria | Royal Dental Laboratory Mumbai

Royal.HIPC at Royal Dental Mumbai


  • Firstly, Metal Free with approved expected life of 9 years
  • Secondly, Plaque resistant
  • Thirdly, High level of strength
  • Above all, Aesthetic, translucent and opalescent 

Material properties:

  • Strength – >120 mpa with minimal solubility in saliva
  • E-modulus – >2200 mpa

Indications: Most versatile material. They can be used as permanent dental prosthesis with implant, natural tooth or both. They have an excellent gingival response and pressure absorbing capability.



  • Firstly, Anti allergic – no metal, oxide or monomer
  • Secondly, Weight and density is similar to natural bone
  • Thirdly, does not have a metallic taste
  • Off peak effect – reduce the compression and torsion caused by chewing
  • Heat conduction similar to teeth – increasing the comfort
  • Above all, low abrasion and good Versatility

Advantages of Royal Peek restorations: Unbeatable convenient processing, Maximum customisability, Cuts like dentin, Conserving the antagonists, Optimal Osseointegration, Optimal gingival management, Longevity of the restoration, Natural oral feeling and chewing sensation, Natural aesthetics. In addition, it allows immediate restoration and one time treatment. 

Material properties: Can be used as permanent dental prosthetic framework, implant and natural tooth cases. They have excellent gingival management and pressure absorption.

  • Firstly, Flexural Strength – 180 mpa with almost no water solubility
  • Secondly, E-modulus – >4550 mpa
  • Above all, wear time 9 years
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