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Get Dental Implants With Fixed Teeth In One Day

We don’t like to see you toothless even for A Day. Get Dental Implants With Fixed Teeth that are as good as your Natural Teeth, In Just One Day. Why Be Toothless Even For A Day? Just Fill These Details And Get Closer To Restoring Your Smile.

Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon performs ‘Same Day Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth’.

Dr. Chirag specializes in pinhole technique for dental implants where dental implants are placed in few hours and even teeth are fixed on the same day.

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Our team of dental experts strive to create a friendly, compassionate, and hospitable chair-side experience. When you choose an implant specialist, you will feel heard, valued, and respected and given the best oral care options that meet your oral care expectations.We at Royal Dental Clinics are Committed to making You Smile, in every way!

Success Stories

Success Stories

High quality treatment at an affordable cost

Quality doesn't come cheap. Get details about quality dental treatments with value pricing at Royal Implant. The best part is the homely ambience and affable staff with a patient centric approach of Dr. Chirag Chamria. The fear one has of going to a dentist is washed out after coming here and I would always like to return here for any future treatment.

Thanks to the customized Smile Designing process

The perks of having Dr Chirag Chamria manage Smile Designing at Royal Dental Clinics is his fantastic and meticulous approach to smile concerns. A VIP feel is bestowed by the team to an elite group of patients who walk into Dr Chirag’s consultation.

Excellent results with Dental Implants

Many people who were not comfortable about smiling because of missing teeth; now get back their Taste of Life after a dental implant. Not just the aesthetics but a dental implant also makes it easier to eat and speak, as the post of the implant is firmly placed into the jaw bone.

Everything about Royal Implant is very ROYAL- MAHARAJA STYLE

The moment, you step in the clinic, you are welcomed with hospitality by the warm smiles of the well-trained staff members. You are then ushered to a private waiting room, which has a work desk and an attached washroom to suit all your personal and professional comforts. Here you are placed in a cocoon of wellness and care, so much so that you would forget that you are at a Dental Clinic and just had your jaw drilled.

Imagine having a fearless Dental Appointment with utmost safety

Dr. Chirag Chamria believes that in times such as these, where there is a risk of contamination through Covid-19, procedures like Implants in One Day are safer and involve just one visit. Since the patient’s tooth is replaced in Just One Day it can alleviate a patient and provide comfort to the patient along with improving the aesthetics, in just One Day.

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