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Do Braces Change Your Face Shape?

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You’re not by yourself! “Do braces change your face shape?” is a question that many people have. You might be surprised by the response. Although the main goals of braces are to straighten teeth and correct bites, they can also affect how your face looks. The way braces function is by gradually moving teeth into their correct places. This can have an impact on how your lips and cheeks sit, as well as how your jaw lines up. This small change can result in a more harmonic and balanced facial shape. We’ll go into great length in this blog about the relationship between face shape and braces, giving you insight into what to anticipate from your orthodontic journey.

Do braces change your face shape?

Certainly, wearing braces can alter your facial structure. Your teeth’s attachment to the surrounding bone is made possible by the periodontal ligament, which is compressed by braces. Your body produces cells that start to remodel in response to this pressure, both those that build and those that destroy bone.

Braces vs Veneers appearance

How Can Braces Change Your Face Shape?

Braces can change the contour of your face in a number of ways. Their main focus is on dental alignment correction, which includes aligning misaligned teeth and treating overbites and underbites. Your jawline and entire facial structure may appear more balanced as a result of this alignment improvement. Braces can also improve face symmetry by reversing asymmetry brought on by misaligned teeth or bites. Additionally, by widening the tooth arch, they may relieve crowding and even change the contours of your face.

Do braces change your jaw?

Yes, by straightening your teeth and enhancing the appearance of your bite, braces can alter the shape of your jaw. With time, wearing braces can tighten your jawline and give the appearance of greater equilibrium. By correcting the position of your jaw, they can also give the appearance of a slimmer or less severe jaw. Braces can stop your jaw from dropping and give it a more defined appearance by closing any gaps between your teeth. Wearing braces can also make your lower jaw appear longer and less pointed, which can help strengthen your chin. By increasing overall facial symmetry and alignment, they can even help lessen the appearance of double chins.

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Close-up of woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer. Invisible braces aligner.

Possible Changes to the Facial Structure

  • Braces help provide a more symmetrical and sculpted jawline by straightening your teeth and addressing bite problems.
  • Braces can improve your jaw alignment and close spaces between teeth to give the appearance that your jaw is narrower or less angular.
  • The jawline will appear more youthful and sculpted if the spaces between teeth are closed.
  • Braces can make the lower jaw appear longer and less pointed by drawing it down, which helps with a weaker chin.
  • By enhancing face contours, braces can help minimize the appearance of double chins by improving facial symmetry and alignment.

Factors That Affect These Changes

  • The level of changes to your face structure will depend on the particular objectives of your orthodontic treatment, such as straightening crooked teeth or fixing bite problems.
  • Your face structure may be affected differently by different types of braces, such as lingual braces, transparent aligners, or classic metal braces.
  • Younger people’s faces may change more dramatically since their bones are still developing and more receptive to orthodontic corrections.
  • The way your jaw size and shape change as a result of orthodontic treatment depends, in part, on your genetic predisposition.
  • More complex orthodontic procedures, such as orthognathic surgery plus braces, can significantly influence the correction of facial structure.
  • The best outcomes for modifying the structure of your face can be achieved by adhering to your orthodontist’s recommendations and wearing your braces as prescribed.
  • Braces can alter your facial shape, but how much depends on your overall health, including bone density and oral health.

Orthodontic Treatment at Royal Dental Clinics

Orthodontic treatment at Royal Dental Clinics is customized to meet the specific needs of each patient, with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes in terms of improving face aesthetics and dental alignment correction. With a variety of orthodontic choices to suit a wide range of preferences and treatment objectives, our clinic offers transparent aligners, lingual braces, and classic metal braces.

Prioritizing individualized care, our skilled orthodontists create treatment plans taking into account the patient’s age, desired outcomes, and facial structure. While maintaining patient comfort during the procedure, we employ cutting-edge orthodontic techniques to produce effective and efficient outcomes.

At Royal Dental Clinics, we’re committed to offering complete orthodontic treatment to help you achieve a confident and gorgeous smile, whether your goals are to straighten crooked teeth, address bite problems, or improve the appearance of your smile. Get started on your orthodontic journey with us by scheduling an appointment to discuss your choices.


In conclusion, by promoting facial symmetry and better dental alignment, braces can really change the form of your face. Braces can help create a more harmonic and balanced appearance, even if they might not significantly change the form of your face. Dr. Chirag Chamria stresses that a number of variables, including age, treatment objectives, and orthodontic method, affect how much of a change occurs. At Royal Dental Clinics, we prioritize providing you with individualized orthodontic treatment that takes into account the overall aesthetics of your face in order to help you attain a confident and natural-looking smile.

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