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Root Canal Treatment Possible in a Few Hours

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A person’s dentition consists of a set of teeth that includes incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Each of these tooth have multiple canals that need to be cleaned and filled during a root canal treatment. Some teeth which have long-standing chronic infections, swelling, and abscesses may require multiple sittings for root canal treatment. However, most patients complain of multiple visits to a dentist during and even after dental treatment.

Generally, people are less concerned when it comes to dental treatment. Most patients avoid getting dental treatment as they feel that dental procedures are very expensive and time-consuming. However, Root canal treatment a very common dental procedure carried out extensively in the dental field.

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root canal treatment in few hours

Possible to do a Root Canal Treatment in One Day?

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When it comes to a Root canal, people relate it with a painful dental procedure. They feel the pain to be so severe that they avoid treating their decayed tooth which requires root canal therapy. Therefore, you’re going to dental clinic near me could be Royal Dental Clinics if you are looking to save time with a little investment.

Yes! You heard right! Root Canal Treatment Possible In Just a Few Hours!

Ideally speaking a root canals procedure is not as painful as a patient would anticipate when done with good hands. The pain related to root canal is mostly anxiety related or related to other medical conditions. For instance, the throbbing pain which some patients would feel is due to grossly carious tooth as the pulp already exposed to the outer surface. Depending upon the severity of the pain, from mild to moderate to severe; local anaesthesia can be injected.

 Root Canal Treatment pulp
Dental Tooth anatomy in dentistry showing root, canals, cavity, tooth and bone.

One of the following conditions may need multiple root canal sittings:

Prolonged or long standing carious tooth which leads to periapical infection. In-order to eradicate a periapical infection, one needs to thoroughly debride the canal and that takes multiple visits.  

During RCT one would encounter constant puss oozing out from the canals; also known as sleeping canals. This could be the reason of an already present abcess with that particular tooth. Therefore, multiple visits required in such cases to help ooze out the infection in increments.

In patients’ own words, “Staff is very good. I did my treatment with Dr. Chirag, he did it very well. He is a fantastic doctor. He is very kind, gentle and helpful in every aspect of my teeth. I had a very good experience at Royal Dental Clinic. I will refer Royal Dental Clinic to my friends and family. “

Patients with reduced mouth opening where doctors have less access to a particular tooth, may require multiple sittings. The instruments do not reach the end of the canals for cleaning and shaping. Such cases too need handled in 2-3 visits asking the patients to undergo warm saltwater gargles for relaxation of the muscles and ease mouth opening.

Calcification of root canal

Calcification of canals encountered in long-standing chronic infections and elderly patients. In such canals, root canal treatment can be done with the use of chemical for dissolution of calcium. Multiple dressings for a root canal treatment is required to breakdown calcified canals, to access the apex for debridement.

If it is not possible for the patient to give enough time for the said root canal treatment on the same day then the dentist along with patient’s consent would opt for multiple sitting root canal treatment. 

Apart from all above mentioned factors, root canal treatment can be completed in just a few hours. Hear out how from a patient visiting Royal Dental Clinics.

Got fixed all my teeth in one day with root canal treatment in just few hours at Royal Dental Clinics.

Patient Maintenance after Root Canal Treatment in One Day

In order to keep the restorations looking their best, you must get a professional cleaning twice a year. The reason for such frequent cleanings are to remove food stains that accumulate in microscopic spaces on the surfaces of the teeth. After that, you should follow all the instructions given meticulously and inform the attending dental surgeon for any uneventful happening during your next visit. This will enable the dental surgeon to guide you and also take suitable remedial measures promptly.

Gum Surgery

Information on Gum Surgery: In cases where not only the tooth but the gums also have become unhealthy, then gum surgery is required. The gum surgery includes removal of infection, gum grafting, and periodontal reconstruction using bone grafts. In cases of gum surgery, the final prosthesis may be delayed by a few weeks to allow for the new gums to heal well.

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