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In this age of the 21st century, oral health is considered one of the more important aspects of one’s day-to-day life. Maintaining oral health needs self-care, and professional guidance from the experts. Expert dentist in oral health suggest to ask all your queries during consultation. And also to be clear with your expectations from a dental clinic. So let’s read more on what to expect from a dental clinic.

Visiting a dentist is of paramount importance and is also stressful. So choosing a safe hygienic dental clinic is the first thing that comes to our mind. A reputed, well-equipped, efficient dental setup is what a patient looks out for post COVID pandemic experience. Therefore it important to ask the right questions, and know your expectations from a dental clinic.

What to expect from Dental Clinic | Dr Arun Chamria

A dental clinic should be safe, hygienic, and patient-centered. An efficient dental team comprises off senior dental surgeons, associate dentists, well-trained assistants and should be capable of providing effective, reliable, and timely services. One should choose a dental clinic that understands your specific needs. You may want to consider your dental clinic based on location and the time duration of treatment.

Also, you should consider other factors like appointment flexibility, budget constraints, hospitality, and facilities. Many of us before choosing a clinic simply log onto google.com and look at the clinic reviews and before after images.

What patients must expect from a Dental Clinic? – By Late Dr. Arun Chamria

Positive reviews and video testimonials reinforce our confidence in the dental clinic.

Nowadays the world is facing a deadly pandemic due to COVID-19. So it is important for one to be extra cautious while choosing a dental clinic. A clinic that adheres to the appointment schedule, with separate patient rooms and operating rooms are important to limit the exposure. Not only choosing the right dental clinic is important, but self-evaluating your dentist is also important. Royal Dental Clinics is committed to providing excellent, safe, & efficient dental consulting to patients since past 35+ years.

Royal Dental Consultation Mumbai

The commitment to the holistic dental wellness experience doesnt end there. The entire team works like clockwork, to ensure most treatments, including dental implants with fixed teeth are completed in just one day. This is attributed by the fact that right from the opg machines to the dental lab; every need is situated in the expanse of the clinic itself. You neednt re-schedule a board meeting, rather you are ready with a brand new smile to impress your board-members on the same day. No doubt Royal Dental Clinics is one of Mumbai’s most celebrated dental practices and are honoured with several awards in the field of dentistry.

What do you expect from dentist? Questions You Must Ask

In the 38 years of practice by Royal Dental Clinics, we have been able to create a seamless and comfortable consultation experience for our patients.

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We strive to follow the principle of ‘One – Room, One – Patient, One – Day’. Having multiple consultation rooms and separate waiting rooms for our patients can therefore minimize the cross-contamination. Once you have booked an appointment and come for the consulting, you would be welcomed by our Patient Guide. The Patient Guide would then give a brief of The Royal Consultation experience and assist you with the registration procedure.

First Examination by Dentist

A typical first examination takes about 30 minutes. During this time a qualified dentist shall ask you questions about your overall medical health and dental troubles. This enables us to then give you a proper and complete treatment plan. After the examination and on the recommendation of the doctor you then proceed with the investigations.

Dr Chirag Chamria

Preliminary Investigation

Based on the recommendation of the doctor, our in-house laboratory then takes your x-rays, and blood investigations if required. To reduce multiple visits and exposure, there is now no need to go to general investigation centers.

Advanced Consultation

We are now ready for the consultation with the consultant. After the clinical checkup and understanding of your troubles, the consulting doctor then discusses multiple treatment plans and estimates. After discussion with you, the relevant agreed treatment plans with their estimate will be written down on the consulting paper and a detailed copy of the consulting paper, X-rays, and informational brochure on every procedure is given to you for your perusal.

Treatment Plan Selection

Once you are ready for the treatment, most of the cases can be completed on the same day. Having multiple specialists on board allows us to immediately start your treatment without delay.

What To Expect From A Dental Clinic? Must Ask Questions:

  1. Am I maintaining my oral health correctly?
  2. What are the aids in preventing dental trouble?
  3. How do I maintain teeth at home?
  4. Why do my teeth appear yellowish even after brushing twice a day?
  5. If any underlying medical conditions are present how my oral health will affect its course and treatment results?
  6. How much time will my treatment take?
  7. Are there any payment terms?
  8. What are the post-operative care instructions?
  9. Is there any warranty of the dental treatment?
  10. How successful are these dental treatments?
In patients own words, “I came to Dr. Chamria’s Clinic, He gave me the best advice. He gave me the best treatment. Here the doctor is excellent and the staff is very nice, very friendly. You feel at home and that’s the best part about this clinic.”


The moment, you step in Royal Dental Clinics premises, you are welcomed by the warm smiles of the well-trained staff members. You can be at leisure or can finish that presentation in this sanctum while you wait for your treatment to start or in-between treatments. Say goodbye to those waiting rooms filled with anxious patients.

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