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Did you know that cavities can be prevented? How you may wonder. In plain language cavities are the surfaces of the teeth eaten up or destroyed by the bacteria’s in the mouth. Initially they may be presented with a white flaky discoloration over the tooth and slowly it spreads deeper turning black- brown. Once it reaches the 2nd layer of the teeth which is called dentin, pain and sensitivity may start. Intolerable pain and discomfort is usually due to the infection reaching the pulp of the teeth.

It is always advisable that you visit us atleast once in 6 months so that the progress of cavity can be stopped if started. Fillings play an important role in that.

Depending upon your case the doctor may decide to clean the cavity and fill it with different types of tooth color material. They may be light cured composite or fluoride releasing cements. If the cavities are large then the doctor may advise a lab fabricated filling called as an inlay.

In certain cases where the cavity is deep or in cases where the pulp of teeth has been affected or in cases of cosmetic correction of the teeth the doctor may advise for root canal treatment or pulp therapy. Pulp therapy involves cleaning the pulp chamber of all the bacteria and then filling the chamber with an inert material. After the pulp chamber has been cleared the remaining crown of the tooth needs to braced or protected with a cap.

In most cases filling and/or root canal treatment can be finished on the same day along with capping.

Root Canal Case Study

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Medical Walk-in Process

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Filled the case paper & X-ray & 2D/3D CT scan

Primary Consulting with the dental surgeon for T/T Plan

Advance Consulting for risk assessment

Best Possible T/T in the segment chosen by the patient

Follow up visit

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