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Dental Implant Success: Top 10 Factors To Consider

cancer affected jaw implant
Dr Chirag Chamria discusses about a common question that most of the patient’s ask him, “Are Dental Implants painful?”

When a tooth goes missing, patients look for options to fill the gap. One of the newest ways Dental Clinics in Mumbai are offering to restore smiles is with dental implants. Dental implant treatment replaces the root area of the missing tooth with metal, screw-like posts in which the artificial tooth can be implemented. The artificial teeth look and act just like real ones. Have you been considering getting a replacement for your missing tooth? Are Your teeth and gums compromised? If Yes, then continue reading the blog 🙂 on success factors of dental implants.

‘Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.’

Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, is one of the few Oral Surgeons in Mumbai that perform same day dental implants with fixed teeth. Dr. Chirag talks about pinhole technique for dental implants that is used at Royal Dental Clinics, where dental implants are placed and teeth are fixed on same day.

Factors For Successful Dental Implant;

Osseointegration with Bone

Having a dental implant fused to the jaw bone the closest thing to mimicking a natural tooth because it stands on own without affecting the nearby teeth and great stability. The process of fusion between the dental implant and jaw bone called “osseointegration”. There are many researches on non-toxin polymer implants which have a faster osseointegration with the bone.

missing tooth implant
Missing Tooth

Fibrointegration with Tissue

Instead of the bone, the dental implant is in contact with connective tissue fibres. Fibrointegration happens much faster than osseointegration but it is not healthy for long term implant survival. Osseointegration is of prime importance for implant success but in some cases dentists may opt for Fibrointegration.

Adequate Width of Gingiva for Dental Implant Success

Adequate width of attached gingiva resist inflammation and trauma thus protecting dental implant from unwanted forces. So a healthy gingiva around dental implants may offer more resistance to the forces of frictional contact that occurs during oral hygiene procedures which improves maintenance of the implant.

dental implant

Size & Width of Dental Implant gets Success

Success of dental implant lies in the decision of choosing the right size and width of dental implant for longterm. The size of a dental implant used to be determined primarily by the existing bone volume in height, width, and length. A surgeon would select longer implants in the anterior regions of the mouth and shorter ones in the posterior areas.

Location of Dental Implant

Implants in the posterior region receive more pressure due to chewing than those placed in the front. So they may fail more quickly than those at the front. An occlusal balance of the bridge post dental implants is the key to success of the entire dental implant treatment.

Other Medical Conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid play a significant role in delaying the healing process of dental implant treatment. Delayed healing can prevent osseointegration leading to implant failure. 

General Oral Health and Lifestyle

Patients who smoke are at a higher risk of implant failure than non-smokers. Before planning for dental implants oral cavity should be free from periodontal disease. If the implants placed in periodontally affected sites there are higher chances of acquiring perimucositis and periimplantitis. If one maintains oral hygiene by brushing and flossing dental implant will last longer.

Dental crown with implant
Dental Implants

Patient Habits leading to missing tooth

Tobacco may negatively affects the outcome of almost all dental procedures performed in the oral cavity. The failure rate of implant osseointegration is higher among smokers, and maintenance of oral hygiene around the implants and the risk of failure are adversely affected by smoking. Though titanium has high fracture resistance, habits such as bruxism or night clenching or chewing tobacco negatively affect the life span of a dental implant.

Dental implant
Patient With Perfect White Teeth is Smiling After Dental Treatment in a Dentist Office is Showing Thumbs Up While Sitting in the Dentist’s Chair.

Dental Appointment Follow up

Success of dental implant and other dental treatments also lies in regular interval check ups to check for any discrepancies in healing. After healing completed to keep a check on patients oral hygiene maintenance and bone health.

Advanced SAPTeeth Material

One of the most advanced materials for success of dental implant are called Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth. Shock Absorbable Permanent teeth are a group of polymer teeth which when placed only transfers 1% of the occlusal forces to the implant or natural tooth. 

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  1. The dantal implant Treatment replaces the root area of the missing tooth with metal , Screw-the in which one in artificial tooth can be inplanted. the dental implant is restores the ability to chew.

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