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Can a Tooth Infection Cause Weight Gain?

tooth infection

Have you ever questioned whether those extra pounds on the scale could be the result of a tooth infection? Can a tooth infection cause weight gain? Hazardous bacteria grow and release poisons into your bloodstream when a tooth gets infected. These poisons have the potential to cause inflammation throughout your body, interfering with regular metabolic functions. An rise in the stress hormone cortisol, which has been connected to weight gain, particularly around the middle, is one possible outcome. We’ll examine the research underlying the link between tooth infections and weight gain in further detail in this blog, along with some tips for preserving general and dental health. Now let’s get started!

What dental problems cause weight loss?

  • Eating can be uncomfortable if you have severe cavities or tooth decay, especially if you chew hard or crunchy food. This discomfort may cause a person to lose weight over time by decreasing their appetite and avoiding particular foods.
  • Advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss, loosening of the teeth, and receding gums. These problems may make it difficult to chew food effectively, which may result in a predilection for less nutritional, softer meals. As such, malnutrition may have a role in weight loss.
  • Untreated dental abscesses or infections can result in excruciating pain, edema, and trouble opening the mouth. These symptoms may make eating difficult, which may result in less food being consumed and consequent weight loss.
  • Aspects of eating, including chewing, swallowing, and taste perception, can all be impacted by oral cancer. Weight loss may result from oral cancer treatment, which includes radiation therapy and surgery, as these measures might affect eating habits and appetite.
  • Uncomfortable or ill-fitting dentures can make eating uncomfortable, which might alter eating habits and food preferences and perhaps contribute to weight loss.

Can a tooth infection cause weight gain?

Numerous reasons might indirectly lead to weight increase in cases of dental abscesses, commonly known as tooth infections. Initially, the infection-induced inflammation leads to the production of stress hormones such as cortisol, which can impact metabolism and encourage weight gain, particularly in the abdominal region. A tooth infection can also cause discomfort when eating, which may cause people to avoid particular foods or choose softer, higher-calorie options over time. This could eventually result in weight gain. Furthermore, if left untreated, dental infections can weaken the immune system or exacerbate pre-existing illnesses like diabetes, all of which can have an indirect impact on controlling body weight.

Tooth infection re-root canal hurt

How a Dentist Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Dr. Chirag Chamria, stresses how important dental health is to sustaining a healthy weight. People can enhance their eating comfort and make healthier food choices by taking timely care of dental conditions like gum disease or tooth decay, which can help with weight management. Frequent dental cleanings and examinations assist avoid oral health problems including tooth infections that can cause pain or discomfort when eating and may contribute to weight-related problems.

In order to inform patients about the connection between their oral health and general wellbeing, Dr. Chamria collaborates with dietitians and other healthcare professionals to promote a holistic approach that incorporates dental health into weight control programs. Dentists like Dr. Chamria are essential in helping people reach and maintain a healthy weight because they encourage a good diet, avoid oral health issues, and provide patient education.


In conclusion, while weight gain may not happen right away after a dental infection, eating habits, inflammation, and overall health may all be affected over time. It is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene and seek quick expert dental care for dental concerns. In order to maintain a healthy weight, Dr. Chirag Chamria stresses the significance of holistic health, which includes oral health. Dentists are essential in helping people achieve their weight control and general well-being objectives. They prevent dental health issues, encourage wholesome eating, and provide patient education.

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Q. Can a tooth infection directly cause weight gain?

Usually, a tooth infection does not immediately result in weight increase. Nonetheless, over time, changes in weight may be indirectly caused by the infection’s effects on eating patterns, inflammation, and general health.

Q. What are the symptoms of a tooth infection?

Severe toothache, facial or gum swelling, fever, sensitivity to heat or cold, and foul taste in the mouth are some signs of a dental infection. It’s critical that you get evaluated and treated by a dentist right away if you encounter these symptoms.

Q. How can a tooth infection affect eating habits?

Food avoidance or substitution for softer, higher-calorie alternatives might result from dental infections that cause discomfort or agony during eating. Pain or discomfort-related changes in eating patterns can eventually lead to weight gain.

Q. How often should I visit the dentist for a check-up?

Getting a regular checkup and cleaning at the dentist is usually advised every six months. However, depending on your needs for oral health, Dr. Chamria might advise more frequent visits.

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