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India Dental Tourism: Dentistry in India

India Dental Tourism

Dental Healthcare Dentistry In India: Dental tourism offers superior dental and oral care under the guidance of experienced surgeons, doctors, and support staff at affordable cost. This may require patient to plan a visit to India, in order to receive the treatment required. With advancements in healthcare in India, dental tourism has increased multifold with India. Medical Tourism to India has witnessed great rise in the last couple of decade with almost 30% annual growth. With exponentially high costs of medical treatment in developed countries, especially United States, UK and Australia, more people from across the globe are finding India as a prospective place.

About India

India is a vast, diverse country that is home to over a billion people and boasts a rich cultural history. The country is a confluence of important religious belief systems like Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity etc. India prides itself in giving the message of peace and linguistic harmonies of these communities. Located in southern Asia, India houses the legendary monument of love, the Taj Mahal. The Portuguese churches in Go, the pristine Kerala backwaters in the south and the traditional Rajputana carvings in Rajasthan are incredible to visit. Every state has a distinct flavour in its  cuisine, language, architecture, lifestyles, and medicine. India is a home to the finest architectural heritage, serene ghats, spectacular landscapes and largest tiger reserve. 

india dental tourism
Medical Tourism in India

Since the independence from the British rule in 1947, India has come a long way in every sphere. with growth and development across sectors, economy, infrastructure, professional services, businesses, pharmaceuticals, medical tourism, hospitality to name a few. 

Healthcare in India

Healthcare in India is as old as the civilisation itself. The ‘Father of Plastic Surgery’; Sushruta, was an ancient physician from India known for inventing and developing surgical procedures. His work on the subject, Sushruta Samhita is considered the oldest text on plastic surgery and is highly regarded as one of the Greatest Treatise of Ayurvedic Medicine. Acharya Charak, ‘Father of Medicine’, is renowned for his work towards science of Ayurveda. 

Today, Indian doctors and specialist surgeons offer all kinds of surgeries. With growing availability and applicability of medical infrastructure and procedures, India comes across as an exciting confluence of western medicine and expert professionals at a fraction of the cost. Doctors are bringing the best in international equipment and technical know-how to India and building world class healthcare facilities specially in dentistry. Several others groups have stepped into this sector leading to a substantial rise in the quality of healthcare services in India. The super specialty hospitals along with the educated and efficient support staff is where the strength of the Indian medical industry lies.

India’s has great Doctors | Dental Tourism

India’s excellent talent pool is regularly fortified with skilled work force from over 100 universities housing more than ten thousand colleges offering professional education. This army of trained candidates allows India to offer the most advanced services at competitive costs across the board. The government has been providing aids and scholarships, to boost medical education in the country. Several students and aspiring doctors get trained under some of the finest surgeons from USA, UK, and Europe including cardiac, dentistry, physician etc.

Cost of Tooth Implants India
Indian Dental and Medical Tourism

Rising domestic demand has promoted the development of excellent medical infrastructure by the private hospitals in India, thereby introducing newer technologies and services at competitive prices. In spite of growing costs, patients can expect facilities and medical care at par with best hospitals in the world at valued prices. The check up and treatment require less or no waiting time. Quick turnaround time is a facet India can do with the availability of manpower, right skill set and infrastructure. 

Huge Cost Savings in Medical Tourism

In Europe or USA or such other developed countries; 

1) Cost of an implant is about 800-2000 US$

2) Cost of metal free restorations is about 1500US$-3500US$ per tooth

3) Consultancy, X-rays, Medicines etc is 1000 US$

     Total Cost comes to 60,000 US$

Factors that affect Medical and Dental Tourism

In Mumbai, India- Royal Dental Clinics Private Ltd (one of the finest centres for dental implant in the world);

1) Cost of an implant is about 350 US$ and for 12 implants cost is 4200 US$

2) Cost of metal free restoration is about 450 US$ per tooth and for 28 teeth is 12600 US$

3) Consultancy, x-rays, medicines is 50 US$

      Total cost comes to 16,800 US$

      (NET SAVINGS OF 43,200 US$)
India Dental Toruism

Medical Tourism:

Medical visa numbers have risen which show more people are travelling from various countries to India for medical treatment. In 2016, Indian hospitals surveyed had 4.5L+ International patients. Top Reasons To Visit India For Dental Tourism: 

  • Low Cost of Treatment when compared to the first world countries like the US and UK.
  • Getting Visas for medical purpose is much easier than before.
  • Access to immediate service and lesser or no waiting time. 
  • Indian dental services can provide world-class and standardised medical services and care with the help of the latest technology.
  • India provides an opportunity to the medical tourists to visit some of the most beautiful and artistic places at economical prices.
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Advances in Sciences made in India centuries ago 

  1. Aesthetic Dentistry
  2. Dental 3D Technique 
  3. Digital Impressions and Surgical Guides
  4. Patient Specific Customised Implants & Prosthesis
  5. Dental Marketing

Guide Plan: 

Doctors do as much they can for the patient, but as little as possible to the patient.

Step 1 – Contact Us

After a general inquiry is made from patient’s end, we try to get to know more details in terms of medical history and all relevant details on mail.  All medical questions are forwarded to the surgeons for their expert professional inputs. 

Step 2 – Medical Estimate in Dentistry

We respond within 24 hrs with relevant information, including various cost estimates for the surgery. Most of our surgeries are completed on the same day, nevertheless we develop a timeline and share for your treatment and recuperation. You can initiate your medical tourism process by contacting us. We request you to provide us with medical history and all relevant details to help us get a better perspective of your requirement.

Step 3 – Make A Decision

It is for the patient to decide on the treatment they wish to take from the options best listed. They may also choose tentative dates and inform us in advance for us to start planning their surgical guides. If need be, we can also arrange for a telephonic consultation with the selected surgeon at a mutually convenient time. We can even connect you to the local travel agents to give you support in travel plan. 

Step 4 – Travel & Arrival

We at RoyalDental would be honoured to have you at our country and welcome you with warm hospitality as for us, Guest is equivalent to God. Someone from our team will receive you at the airport and safely drop you to your hotel. 

Dr Chirag Chamria
All about Dentistry!
Step 5 – Royal Patient Guide for Treatment

We will start your physical dental examination at 9am, and then following by impressions, scans and other details as required by the attending surgeon. The surgeon you have selected shall answer all your questions to your satisfaction, in the terms you understand. After understanding the anticipated outcome of your surgery, you and the surgeon shall therefore concur about your expectations of the end result. You are free to discuss alternatives, if any, and thoroughly understand the risks of the procedure. Neither you nor the dental surgeon is under any obligation until after your pre-operative consultation. The fee quoted in the initial inquiry will be confirmed after further personal medical evaluation by the surgeon.

Once the surgery starts it should take couple of hours or may be max 2 days to get the complete medical process done as per the intensity of the problem. There would be a patient waiting room with bed and breakfast in the clinic facility available for your family if required. 

Step 6 – Tour & Back Home 

It is important for patients to recuperate in the town of surgery for the required post-operative period. This requirement is dependent on the nature of the dentistry procedure. You may choose to tour around for a while and our travel agents can help you develop plan as per your medical condition. All the arrangements and requirements will be done bearing in mind your medical condition and comfort. 

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