dental X-rays in pregnant

Radiology or X- rays are an important aid to any dental treatment. Even if a pregnant female visits the dentist; x-rays may be required for the treatment planning. An individual may undergo X-rays with adequate precautions. The second trimester during pregnancy is considered to be the safest period for dental treatments. Read more to know about Dental X-rays in Pregnant females.

The risk to the foetus from a few units of radiation is extremely little as the radiation concentrated and localised to the tooth concerned. Two dental x-rays expose the pregnant patients to 0.02 msv (2500 times amount would required to harm the foetus)!  

Dental X-rays in Pregnant

Take precautions during X-rays for a Pregnant female!

As a precaution and norm one must not expose to more than 3 times in each semester to any radiation. However a lead apron may reduce the risk of the exposure by 90%. It should be kept in mind that a dental infection may also cause damage to the foetus. 

Presentation of a pregnant patient to a dentist

To be a sensitive representation of the pregnant woman and a female as a whole, a dentist must make her lie down on the bottom of the dental chair. This will provide an optimal height and an upright posture for the foetus. The dentist may lift her chin up and replace the leads to the head of the foetus.

All the instruments of the X-ray machine should be placed at the lowest limit of the teeth. It should not be placed on the teeth (hard) or outside the mouth.

X-rays for Pregnant Female Dental Treatment

Can I visit Dentist During Pregnancy? Know more about Dental X-rays and pregnancy.

With adequate precautions and limiting the exposure during a pregnant female visit; she can undergo Dental X-rays. At Royal Dental Clinics we have inhouse CBCT, and OPG wherein we can control the exposure. For chairside we use digital radiology which required only 10% of exposure when compared with conventional radiology. To book your teleconsultation appointment  

Is there a risk?

Before undergoing dental x-rays in pregnant women, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. The risks can be reduced to a large extent if appropriate precautions are taken during x-rays. High frequency X-rays or high intensities can cause damage to the foetus.

Signs and symptoms of a pregnant patient should be taken seriously by the dentist. She should be taken to a separate room to avoid radiation. The X-rays can be repeated until the discomfort is lesser. For example, if a tooth that needs a filling has been x-rayed a number of times in a couple of days or weeks then a temporary filling may be required. Also, make sure that no jewellery is worn that may cause a high frequency X-ray to reflect or bounce back.

When should you consult your dentist?

In the second and third trimesters the bones and teeth may cause pain. Also, the soft tissues inside the body may be injured or damaged. The most common dental condition in pregnancy is toenail disorder. A pregnant woman may be prone to more teeth decay or teeth disease. It is also important to remember that in the event of injury or a trauma, x-ray imaging can be helpful.

Pregnant Women in pain
Young pregnant woman suffering from backache

How are pregnant women treated in dental X-ray rooms?

Medical precaution is essential while going for any dental treatment. An individual may require a lead apron, latex gloves, a gown, tape or a space suit for medical precautions. This is to avoid radiation exposure in any scenario. Even while performing dental treatment the individual must remain careful. In fact, the doctors may have to take the lead.


A healthy lifestyle and proper diet plays an important role in the foetal development. A pregnant individual should consult her gynaecologist and seek advice in the first trimester. If she is not feeling any discomfort, it is okay to go ahead with the dental treatment. Follow the guidelines given by the dentist and ensure a hygienic and healthy environment in the dental room.

recovery after dental implant
Smiling african female dentist showing young man patient teeth xray, using digital tablet

Selection of good dental care is an important element to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and for a baby to be born healthy. All women planning for pregnancy should understand that effective care of your teeth can help you in maintaining your ideal body weight and excellent dental hygiene as well.

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  1. good dental care is an important element to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and for a baby to be born healthy. All women planning for pregnancy should understand.

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