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Can I visit a Dentist in Pregnancy?

dentist and pregnancy

In between trips to the doctor, hospital tours and setting up the nursery, don’t let visiting the dentist fall off your pregnancy to-do list before your child comes. Getting a regular dental checkup during pregnancy is safe and important for your dental health. You can take care of oral cleaning and mild procedures like cavity fillings before your baby is born, but your dentist can also help you with any pregnancy-related dental symptoms you might be experiencing. 

Pregnancy causes several hormonal changes in a women’s body. The link between pregnancies has its effect on periodontal disease and vice-versa. Recent evidence states that periodontal disease after the systemic health of the patient and elevates the risk for low birth weight, preterm infants. Can I visit a Dentist in Pregnancy for dental checkup? Why not.

dental checkup
Visit dentist during pregnancy

Dental issues identified by Dentist during pregnancy

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Seen in 30-100%of all pregnant women. Its characterized by redness, puffy gums increased bleeding. It ranges from mild to severe forms. This is mainly due to elevated hormonal levels which causes an exaggerated response to plaque. Anterior region and inter proximal sites of the mouth, more often affected.

Pyegenic Granuloma

Also known as pregnancy tumors, occur in 0.2% to 9.6% of pregnancies. Most commonly seen in 2nd or 3rd month of pregnancies. In addition Clinically, they bleed only and are hyperplastic and nodular. May sessile or pedenculated and ulcerated. The lesion occurs in an area of gingivitis. Its associated with poor oral hygiene. Hence, Alveolar bone loss not associated with pyogenic granuloma of pregnancy.

Don’t let the word ‘tumour’ worry you as these growths are not cancerous. A pregnancy tumour is an extreme inflammatory reaction to a local irritation of food lodgement. The tumours occur in up to 10% of pregnant women and often in women who also have pregnancy gingivitis. Do visit your dentist for dental checkup regularly.

Periodontal disease and pre-term, low-birth weight infants

Untreated periodontal disease in pregnant is a risk factor for preterm (<37 weeks of gestation), low-birth –weight (<2500 gms) infants. The results by translocation of bacterial products like (LPS) and the action of maternally produced inflammatory mediators. Inflammatory mediators such as PGE2 and TNF-alpha, raised to high levels by the infection process which may cause premature labor.

Mothers with the most severe periodontal disease delivered the most prematurely, at 32 weeks. It’s unclear whether treating gum disease reduces the risk of preterm birth but there is a co-relation between pregnancy and gum diseases.

In this video dr. Chirag chamria discusses what pyorrehea is and its effective treatment and management options.

Apart from the clinical findings other oral manifestation include Xerostomia, enamel erosion. In addition establishing a healthy oral environment and maintaining optimal oral hygiene levels are primary objectives in a pregnant patient. Hence the second trimester is the safest period for getting routine dental care.

Most dental services and procedures, including dental x-rays, tooth extractions, dental fillings, and dental cleanings, can be done during pregnancy safely, with tooth extractions recommended during your second or third trimester. Fillings should be discussed with your dentist beforehand.

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