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Age Reversing Technology in One Day

Age Reversing

Having a great smile is an asset, regardless of other aspects of your appearance. Once you have improved your smile, you may be inspired to make a few other changes to look your very best. It may take more than a smile, to help you look your very best. If you have observed disproportionate facial features such as lips, nose or chin; you are at the right place! Every face ages differently but there are certain commonalities between the aging faces. To know more about age reversing, read further. Although the loss of youthful cheeks, fat from around the eyes and the cheek bone results in a skull like face. The skin loses the shin and the wrinkles start to look prominent. The skin of the neck starts sagging. To deal with all these ageing issues, know more on age reversing procedure such as facelift.

Enhancing your beauty with an art of millimetre 

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Age Reversing Technology In A Day.

What is the ARP Technology?

The revolutionary technique of Age Reversing Technology or ARP allows for simultaneous anti-ageing procedures in minimal time. The ARP combines the use of advances in Dental SAPTeeth technology, Facial Cosmognathic Technology & Stem Cell Rejuvenation techniques to achieve the desired result. Not only is having multiple procedures at the same time more cost effective it is also better for recovery.

No matter how many procedures one has simultaneously, smile designing and facelift are the core procedures for a rejuvenated fresh look. However the results of using the latest technology such as 3D scanning, CBCT, Virtual surgical planning, 3D photography; are more successful. Advocated particularly for individuals who are in the business of meeting people on a daily basis like fashion industry, marketing persons, air hostesses, professionals and many more.  

Advantages of Age Reversing Technology:

Improved Health and Quality of Life: Age-related diseases such as dementia, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease are more common as we get older. Age reversing technology could help to slow down or prevent these diseases, leading to better overall health and a higher quality of life.

Completely refreshed, younger, rejuvenated and natural face. 

Increased Productivity: If people are able to maintain their physical and cognitive abilities for longer, they could continue to contribute to society and the workforce well into their later years.

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Age Reversing Technology In A Day.

Extended Lifespan: By slowing down the aging process, age reversing technology could potentially increase the lifespan of humans. This would give people more time to pursue their goals and interests and spend time with their loved ones.

Faster recovery time. 

Reduced Healthcare Costs: Age-related diseases and conditions are a major driver of healthcare costs. If age reversing technology is able to prevent or delay these conditions, it could lead to significant cost savings for individuals and society as a whole.

Reduced cost, as the number of surgeries required is less.  

Fat Grafting procedure for Age reversing

However, Nano Fat Grafting is a revolutionary new treatment and is popular to improve very specific and delicate areas of the skin. This procedure specializes in targeting skin areas that are very fine and delicate such as the face and the hands. It is perfect for wrinkles, scars, skin discoloration, sun damage and dark eye circles. The improvements we see with this revolutionary treatment, cannot be achieved with any other treatment modality; regardless of its cost.

Forehead, Upper eyelid area, Under-eye (dark circles), Cheeks, Temples, Chin, Lips

Although restores youthful appearance by adding volume to hollowed out or wrinkled areas. Helps repair scars with Nano fat. Adds volume to the cheeks to create the appearance of higher cheekbones. Improves the texture and appearance of the skin

Facelift procedure for anti-ageing?

Our facial muscles get overworked with age; and even the facial skin starts loosing its collagen. This makes the facelook supple and elastic. This causes the face to develop droopy areas and folds along the curves of the eyes, cheekbone, and chin. Moreover, the droopy skin starts losing its fat deposits, making a face look edgy and disfigured.

It’s important to note that age reversing technology is still in its early stages of development, and much research is still needed before any such technology can become available. In the meantime, it’s essential to prioritize healthy habits such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and stress management to help maintain overall health and wellbeing as we age.

Face Lift technology for Age Reversing:

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a corrective cosmetic surgery that minimizes the facial wrinkles and other signs of aging. It gives you back a better version of yourself, improves self-image and boosts confidence. It is the most common aesthetic surgery.

A facelift tightens the hanging and loose skin around the jaws, removes deep creases formed around mouth or nose and eliminates the excess of loose skin and fat in the neck or under the chin. Firstly the underlying tissues are tightened. This procedure may be done along with other cosmetic surgeries such as cheek implant, brow lift, eyelid surgery and forehead enhancement.

As a restorative surgery, a facelift does not change your fundamental appearance and cannot stop the ageing process. A facelift can be performed surgically, with minimal invasive and rejuvenation treatments cannot achieve the same results, but may help delay the time at which a facelift becomes appropriate and complement the results of surgery.

Ask your Surgeon before Age Reversing In A Day.:

Secrets to making new smile last longer?

How to get the most out of your face?

Professional tips for looking your best?

Best alternatives available for your face?

Any habit that can put smile to danger?

What diet is apt for your skin tone, nail, hair, tooth and overall sense of wellbeing? 

age reversing facelift

Orthognathic surgery involves diving and repositioning the jawbones to bring them into better alignment. It is typically used to correct bite problems that cannot be fixed with orthodontics alone. Often, bone or soft tissue may be augmented to further to enhance facial aesthetics for orthognathic surgery.

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