5 ‘Healthy Smile’ secrets nobody will tell

Healthy Smile is a happy gesture, indicating pleasure, happiness, and joy. It is not only an involuntary response it also affects one’s body and mind in various ways. They offer benefits to our health and the mood of people around us. It involves reshaping the patient’s teeth and gums for esthetic purposes. It includes consideration of teeth shape, size, color, contours of gums, and overall bite of the patient. A healthy smile is a stable smile in view to your gums. A natural smile shows 4mm or less of gum line and about 10mm of tooth length. 

List of Dental Treatments to Get a Perfect Healthy Smile:

Teeth whitening

Staining or discolouration of teeth can be rectified by teeth whitening options. It’s done at home or at the dental clinic. Dentist can restore the natural shade of tooth or can make them look brighter according to the patient’s need. 


Thin shells which custom-made and fit over natural teeth. Minor imperfections in smile corrected by veneers. They can fix chipped, stained teeth, imbalance sizes and gaps between teeth. They made of porcelain and or Resin. 

Root canal treatment with crown

A decayed or broken teeth restored by root canal treatment with a crown. A single crown or a bridge fabricated to enhance the tooth’s shelf life and restore the occlusion and smile. SAPTeeth are the best possible solutions for teeth materials that restore natural aesthetics. Watch patient testimonials to know more.

Dental Implants

They help to replace missing teeth with help of titanium screws which drilled into the bone. It’s an advanced one-day painless procedure where gums and bone surgeries carried out along with it.

Crown Lengthening

In the gums are incised to increase the length of the tooth which is done in cases of excessive gingival display or for short crowns.

Fillings or inlays/onlays

They help to correct minor defects like proximal cavities, chipped incisal edges especially seen in anterior teeth can be corrected by tooth coloured nano filled composite. Hear what patient has to say for filling treatment at Royal Dental Clinics.


Treatments such as splinting or braces now a days is very common. They can be used but it takes 6 months to 2 years for alignment of crooked teeth.

The design of bridges or crowns over teeth nowadays is designed by CAD-CAM technology. This ensures proper fit and shape of the prosthesis which enhances the patient’s self-confidence. These options ensure that one has a beautiful smile. Also they work to enhance one’s oral hygiene. 

5 Secrets On ‘Healthy Smile’ That Nobody Will Tell You:

  1. Regular brushing. Importance of Soft Bristles Toothbrush. Change your brush after every 3 months. Use interdental cleaning aids such as mouthwash, interdental brushes, floss, tongue cleaner, waterpik.
  2. Cavity Fighter Fluoride releasing toothpaste used.
  3. In between snacking to be followed by gargling. Follow the Right diet for your teeth.
  4. However Avoid chewing tobacco, smoking, paan etc. as these deteriorate the healing procedure.
  5. Visit your dentist every 3-6 months for dental check-ups and cleaning scaling.

We at Royal Dental Clinics aim to give you a healthy and a beautiful smile. Visit your dentist at every 3-6 months interval to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Watch this video by Royal Dental Clinics on the right technique to brush. A secret to healthy smile.
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