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Difference between Crowns and Dental Implants?

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Dental Implants and Dental Crowns. A dental Crown is a best cap when made in SAPTeeth material that is placed on the damaged tooth. Crowns protect, cover, and restore the shape of your teeth when fillings fail to solve the problem. Dental crowns are made out of metals, porcelain, resin, and ceramics. They mostly don’t require special care other than daily good oral hygiene.

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Dental Crowns in a day

Dental implants are an artificial replacement for missing teeth. A dental implant is placed underneath the gum tissue so that it secures a fixed prosthetic in place. It is the most common procedure to replace teeth damaged due to various reasons. They are a long-term solution because they are surgically placed. Different sizes of dental implants can be used as per your requirement. Implant material can be chosen based on your anatomy and the situation.

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Both procedures have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Dental Implants

Improved appearance. They look like natural teeth sinces they are embedded in your bone, they become permanent.

Easier eating. Sliding dentures can make chewing inconvenient. They work like your own teeth, they allow you to consume your favorite foods with confidence and without pain.

Improved self-esteem. They give you a beautiful smile and enhance your appearance and make you confident in public.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Expensive. Dental implants are an expensive procedure

Requires surgery. It involves minor operations on the gum and jaw, so if you don’t like the idea of surgery, this procedure might not be for you.

Quality.The quality of implants can vary depending on the dental professional that does it. However, it is pivotal to take the time to find Dental Clinic in Mumbai to check the options for Implants.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Support. Crown supports a tooth that has significant damage due to decay.

Improve appearance. Crowns improve the appearance of a tooth by changing its shape or colour.

Permanent. Crown is a durable dental procedure, they outlive various other dental procedures.

Disadvantages of Crowns

Sensitivity. Dental crowns can also be harmful to other teeth if the crown is too abrasive.

Risk for Nerve Damage. There is a chance of nerve damage if tooth is very thin.

Cost. One disadvantage of crowns can be their cost. However, the cost will depend on various factors.

Why choose Shock Absorbable Permanent Teeth over options like metal fused ceramic, zirconia?

They look and feel natural and apply 24 to 149 times less stress than conventional prosthesis metal based. SAPTeeth are easy to repair and can be completed on the same day of the implant treatment. Long lasting with high impact shock absorption characteristic. Ceramic ages whereas SAPTeeth do not age and therefore remain stable.

dental crown in one day
Dental Crown

Dental Clinic in Mumbai

Both procedures may be used, you have to keep in mind your requirements. One should make sure to go to a good dentist for good results and advice. For dental implants SAPTeeth is a group of highly specialized polymers; specially made to protect the bone, implant, or natural tooth.

Research shows that ceramic, porcelain, Ni-Cr, and Zirconia teeth exert about 24 to 149 times more stress on bone as compared to SAPTeeth. This difference is due to the shock-absorbing capability of these polymers. Therefore, in patients with weak bone or low calcium, SAPTeeth is recommended over the conventional prosthesis. The best part of these is that they are customized to perfectly re-create your smile. And, that too in a short period.

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