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Teleconsultation in Dentistry During Covid

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Dentistry provides an effective approach in the scenario of Covid-19 pandemic by telecommunication technology called as Tele-dentistry. Tele-consultation comprises of telephonic therefore conservations, e-mails, video calls, messages. Amidst this Covid-19, pandemic wherein social distancing is a new norm tele-dentistry comes into the picture. In here the dentist or the hygienist can reach out to the patient from anywhere at a designated time. 

What is the deadly Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 Pandemic relates to an infectious disease in livestock; when the disease infects a pig the fever will spread to the human with the help of the pig. This virus spread by pigs is known as: Antibody virus of porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus (A.V.E.D.P.D.V.). An upper respiratory tract infection is known as Bronchitis and acute otitis media (A.O.M.). In rare situations a human can be infected with this virus as well; but as the human lacks immunity with pigs they are more prone to being infected.

Covid-19 pandemic tele consultation
Teleconsultation in Dentistry during Covid-19 pandemic

When you have a dental emergency and the patients do not have either time, means or any other thing is stopping you from reaching out to the doctor or the dental expert on time? Tele-dentistry comes handy like a teddy bear in this scenario. With a Tele-dentistry consultant having the latest technology helps in delivering the information to the patient. In short, the patient gets the necessary information about the dental problems and the doctor make arrangements to reach out to them.

Due to the COVID pandemic, there minimal transportation where people do not have available means to travel to reach the best doctor for dental treatment. Teleconsultation comes handy wherein a quick call can solve a patient’s dental problem. Often in this situation patient panic over the slightest dental pain or discomfort. However, at such times through tele-communication one can reach out to the patient guiding the patient about their dental problem, and providing necessary comfort. The dentist prescribes appropriate medications after knowing the exact cause of the dental problem.

Teleconsultation in dentistry

This would relieve the pain and keep the patient out of the dental emergency room. 

Dental emergencies are not life and death situations for the most part. Many patients feel they need to come for an emergency dental treatment but through telecommunication, one may realize that only 20% of patients actually need emergency dental treatments. Various software has developed in recent times for telecommunication such as Zoom, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams etc.

Teleconsultation advantages in Dentistry During Covid:

Classifies the patient according to the severity of the dental problem

Priority Appointment with Senior Surgeon To Discuss Oral Health 

Helps in the proper management of the patients in the dental clinic 

Fastest, easy and convenient mode of use  

Saving patients travel time and frequent visits to the dental clinic  

Avoids unnecessary patient exposure to cross contamination 

More convenient for elderly patients 

Many dentist forced to close their dental clinic not only in Mumbai but PAN India. Hence telecommunications is becoming a preferable means to reach out to their patients. Doctors are educating their patients about dental treatment in the current scenario also making them understand that their dental problems can be resolved via telephonic conversation. To book your teleconsultation appointment click here. 

Benefits of teleconsultation in dentistry during Covid-19 pandemic

Teleconsultation enables the doctor to reach out to patients from a medical center or anywhere where the patient resides. This saves patients time, money and can also provide a comfort level for the patients who are on an important medical issue.

Tele-consultation reduces the chances of anxiety for patients during an examination.

It can also improve communication between patient and the medical professionals as during such situations teleconsultation becomes a common platform and is a barrier free approach for communication.

Teleconsultation also offers accessibility for those patients who are bed ridden or are otherwise unable to visit the clinic.

Patients can get the complete understanding and recommended treatment for dental treatment.

There are various Resting Pods or Rooms with complete privacy and an attached washroom and working space. This unique feature of Royal Dental Clinics ensures that no two patients are in the same waiting zone of the clinic, however reducing the chances of a cross-infection to negligent. And the point worth noting is that this process of individual allotment of rooms hence visiting a dentist during covid should not be unattended incases of dental emergencies.

Besides this, a protocol that we started during the time of Covid-19 is that we note down the patients details right in the beginning itself. Details such as travel history, checking their temperature etc. are part of this now new protocol. Our doctors and clinic staff take utmost precaution and wear PPE kits.

We make sure that we are not infected as well as we do not transmit the infection to others.

Dr. Arun Chamria mentions that the safety of the doctors, patients, staff is of paramount importance to us. Many Dentistry related questions answered, many Covid related solutions provided, many innovations and lots more in these bookmark worthy Episodes exclusively with Maharashtra Times and Dr. Arun Chamria.

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Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai, has separate waiting rooms, resting areas, consulting rooms and treatment rooms for every patient. Utmost care and comfort is provided to patients and relatives by every staff keeping in mind the safety parameters during this pandemic. To know more, visit www.royalimplant.com

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  1. Covid-19 Pandemic relates to an infectious disease in livestock. its very difficult time. every staff keeping in mind the safety parameters during this pandemic.

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