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Visiting Dentist during COVID-19

visit dentist covid

Dentistry today has drastically changed due to this Covid-19 pandemic. All medical professional are at a high risk during treatments due to the possible transmission of virus through breathe or aerosol. Also a dentist comes in close contact with the patient’s oral cavity, saliva and blood within almost 16 inches close. It is important to maintain safe distances else take precautions. Such as wearing masks, face shield, gloves, head and eye gears to cover oneself. Thinking of a dental visit During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Trust Your Safety With Us, Trust Your Smile With Us. Visit your dentist for dental emergencies. Covid-19 Safety Measures Continue:

Dr. Arun Chamria mentions how safety of the doctors, patients, staff is of paramount importance. Dental Visit is safe.

Late Dr. Arun Chamria, former Chairman Director and Founder of Royal Dental Group of Companies construes Dentistry in the times of pandemic and how Royal Dental Clinics has already been following safety measures not only during the pandemic but for the past several years.

Dr. Arun Chamria, responds to a very important question pertaining to the situation and health concerns during the time of a pandemic, such as Covid-19. Dr. Arun Chamria, explains how Royal Dental Clinics has included utmost precautions, as a Standard Operating Procedure, from the very beginning. Thus whether there is an ongoing pandemic or not; there may always be chances of infections of known or unknown types.

Should you visit a Dentist during Covid?

There are various Resting Pods or Rooms with complete privacy and an attached washroom and working space. This unique feature of Royal Dental Clinics, ensures that no two patients are in the same waiting zone of the clinic, thereby reducing the chances of a cross infection to negligent. And the point worth noting is that this process of individual allotment of rooms hence visiting a dentist during covid should not be unattended incases of dental emergencies.

dentist during covid

Besides this, a protocol that we started during the time of Covid-19 is that we note down the patients details right in the beginning itself. Details such as travel history, checking their temperature etc. are part of this now new protocol. Our doctors and clinic staff take utmost precaution and wear PPE kits. We make sure that we are not infected as well as we do not transmit the infection to others.

Look out for dentists who have advanced techniques to complete most dental procedures including whereas consulting and final restorations; on the same day. This way you will limits your travel. Even touch points and also your treatment sorted in a day rather than few weeks.

Must have Clinic Protocols to encourage Patient visit Dentist during Covid:

covid safety
Separate rooms to ensure no cross contamination happens.
  1. Introduction of PPE kits for the dentists and dental assistants consists of non-impermeable gown with a hood, shoe cover, N-95 mask, protective eyewear, face shield, head cap and surgical latex double gloves.
  2. A telephonic conversation is a must wherein the receptionist should take a thorough medical history of the patient. Take travel history or respiratory issues.
  3. At the reception desk of the dental office, also the patient entering given a hand sanitizer followed by gloves. However each and every patient entering should strictly wear a mask and hand gloves. A digital thermometer must also be used for thermal screening and record the temperature on the patient’s Covid-19 sent form.

Don’t Quarantine From A Perfect Smile! 

  1. A declaration form to given to the patient to write travel history.
  2. Continue thorough sterilisation of dental equipment and instrument for best hygiene and safe practising.
  3. Educating the dental staff whereas follow sterilization protocols, precise handling of dental instruments.
  4. The premises continue to be cleaned with 1 % sodium hypochlorite. Surfaces should disinfected with 1% sodium hypochlorite after every procedure and after finishing daily work. 
covid safety pandemic
Safety. Sanitisation. Same Day.

You May Visit Your Dentist Now To Avoid COVID 19 + Dental Emergencies!

However, Walk-in patients without any prior dental appointments should encouraged with no signs and symptoms of fever, cold, cough, body pain, breathlessness. Such patients should treated only under dental emergencies. All these guidelines updated from time to time and hence the dentist should informative and known to everyday procedures. 
That being said as dentists and dental practitioners we trained to handle such circumstances and hence dentistry safe. 

Royal Dental Clinics stands together by you, for you. They have developed a safe and relaxed environment for your dental treatment. Royal Dental Clinics policy of separate waiting rooms, treatment rooms, one patient per room has helped us to be unaffected, despite the given situation of Covid-19. At Royal Dental Clinics, most dental procedures including consulting and final restorations; are possible on the same day.

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  1. Dentistry today has drastically changed due to this Covid-19 pandemic. There are various Resting Pods or Rooms with complete privacy and an attached washroom and working space. This unique feature of Royal Dental Clinics, he take care for all staffs. the royal dental clinic is the best.

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