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Solution for Spaces between Front Teeth

gap in teeth adolescence

Spaces or gaps in between teeth or multiple teeth is known as diastema. This can be a result of tongue thrusting, high frenum attachment, periodontal disease, hereditary or because of a missing tooth. Spacing between teeth closed with braces, Invisalign or through cosmetic procedures. Diastema is a gap between your teeth. This can happen between any of your teeth. Because of its position, it’s most noticeable when there’s a gap between your upper front teeth.

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When teeth malformed or missing, this results in spacing. Cosmetic treatment of spaced teeth is a method to align your teeth and beautify your smile. Its done with the help of Smile Designing. In this cosmetic treatment, SAPTeeth laminates designed and fabricated to close the gaps between the front teeth. Laminates are relatively non-invasive methods of achieving gap closure. They come in different colours, shapes, sizes. 

Cosmetic Correction is achieved in one day’s time with less multiple visits. In orthodontic solutions, teeth correction requires multiple visits for over 2 years. Cosmetic dentistry requires through knowledge of aesthetic principles and knowledge of handling superior materials for cosmetic results. The closure of front spaces provide aesthetics without compromising the integrity of the tooth. 

Smile Designing for spaces in front teeth

One day closure of spacing or diastema cosmetically involves CAD-CAM technology, metal free materials such as Zirconia, Ceramic or shock absorbable High impact polymerised composite (SAPT.HIPC) to ensure precise fit and translucency. The prosthesis should act as natural teeth. The advantage of one day cosmetic gap closure is that it is a painless procedure where in the laminates or crown are permanently bonded over the teeth. Aligned teeth without spacing enhances the patient’s smile and boosts confidence. Wouldn’t you like if the space between your teeth wasn’t distracting people when they speak with you? 

front teeth spaces
spaces in front teeth

A smile bridges the gaps between two individuals and is enough to disarm opponents in any argument. The teeth play a vital role in creating a perfect smile; hence seeking cosmetic solutions for an attractive smile which remains no longer limited only to celebrities. Cosmetic dentistry involves professional oral care that improves overall appearance of your mouth, teeth & smile. Although cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually elective, some cases of treatment may be essential too. 

If you have a gaps in your teeth that you don’t like and if you haven’t had it closed.

Because you think that, it would take one to two years of orthodontic treatment to close it. This blog post may be an eye opener for you. Today, there are several ways to close unsightly gaps. Depending upon the cause of the spaces, their size, location, and the condition of the adjacent teeth. Cost and your personal needs will play a significant role in the choice you’re your treatment for smile makeover. 

Personal habits, such as tongue thrusting, or having an abnormal tongue. Or swallowing movements occasionally separate teeth by allowing the tongue to slip into the space between the teeth. Constant probing with the tongue, which is the strongest muscle in the body, can wedge the teeth apart. 

Review of patient for cosmetic treatment.

The loss of supporting bone under the gum tissue can also cause teeth to fan out. Sometimes teeth have to extracted due to infection or decay, leaving an unattractive space. Separation can also caused by the loss of back teeth. This can transfer the chewing activity forward and forces the teeth to spread. In every case, it’s important to analyze the cause of the spacing. Because, as in the case of gum disease, it must be controlled first before attempting to fill the spaces. 

Solution for Smile Makeover for Diastema or Teeth gaps

The 3 R concept: Correcting space problems usually involves one of three major choices. Repositioning (orthodontics), Restoration (bonding, laminating, or crowning) or Removal (replacement with an implant). The least desirable alternative that, only used as a last resort.

However, if the patients need is urgent, laminating or crowning is the choice of treatment.

Cosmetic contouring and bonding: The teeth use to first cosmetically contoured. So the new shapes would blend in better with each other. After the space closed through composite resin bonding, it is much easier to maintain eye-to-eye contact. If someone looks at your mouth now, it will be because of the attractive smile rather than a negative space. One result of closing spaces is to allow the viewer to see your entire face. These results usually last for 3-5 years depending on the personal use.

Gaps Between Front Teeth with Laminates!

Laminates to close front spaces: Although bonding is the quickest way to close spaces. Laminating with either laboratory-made composite resin or can be done on the chair itself. It would take only one day to complete this treatment. The technique is especially effective when spaces are not uniform. A major advantage in choosing laminates are the proportional accuracy the dentist can obtain. Because the laminates, constructed on a model in the laboratory. 

Crowning to close your spaces: Compared to bonding, crowning is a longer lasting solution. The natural tooth structure must reduced, and replacement may required. Some two to nine years later depending on the treatment chosen. In some spaces, people even prefer a slight gap to intentionally left. In the crowns in order to give a more natural appearance. Use of polymer composites gives a natural long lasting and plaque resistance properties.  

gap in teeth adolescence
smile mekeover

There may be no single best method to solve your space problem. Instead, combining bonding, and even a cantilever, conventional fixed bridge with or without implant. May the most economical and cosmetically effective approach. The proper sequence is to finish repositioning the teeth before having bonding or other restorative treatment done. Working closely with your dentist can finally lead to closed gaps or replaced teeth that are strong, comfortable, and satisfying. 

Do It. Do It In Just One Day and Enjoy The Rest Of Your Life.

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