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No Bone? Dental Implant for Missing Teeth

Dr. Chirag Chamria no bone missing teeth

Previously in cases where there was thin or less bone, removable dentures very offered as the treatment of choice. However, this was not an acceptable solution for many persons. Similarly, removable dentures apply pressure over the gums and cause soreness, which reduces the eating efficiency as does not get adequate support from the bone, like in natural or fixed teeth solution. In less or no bone can you get Get Dental Implant For Missing Teeth?

SAPTeeth success for no bone implant

However, with the revolutionary SAPTeeth™ technology along with advances in dental implants a more success oriented, efficient, stable and capable solution can now offered as a permanent treatment choice. The difference between a Zygomatic Implant and a normal dental implant is that the former longer and placed diagonally into the cheek bone (zygoma), to make use of the extra bone here. Moreover, this bone usually does not resorb. Therefore, zygomatic implants used as an alternative to complex cases in Oral Implantology.

In virtually no bone, get dental implants with fixed teeth for missing teeth.

Royal Dental Clinics Is A Pioneer For Same Day Fixed Teeth On Implants & Has Been Congratulated By The Scientific Committee Of World Congress On Oral Implantology An Apex Forum In The World; At USA In 2004.

Important advantage for Dental Implant in no bone

In this technology of a Zygomatic Implant; you get fixed teeth on the same day. In addition, the implant and prosthesis require less chair time for repair even follow-up procedure are relatively simple. Most of the treatment done on the dental chair, in local anaesthesia. Therefore, in cases where the complexity high then the same procedure performed in conscious sedation.

However, no bone dental implants are performed at a dental clinic with the support of 3D scanner, CBCT technology, 3D printer, CAD-CAM and Virtual Surgical. Therefore, SAPTeeth™ makes the treatment more success oriented, efficient and a capable solution.

Dental Implants when you don’t have enough bone | Patient review for Zygomatic Implant, Mumbai
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FAQ on No Bone Dental Implant:

Implants are foreign materials in the body, do they cause any harm? 

Firstly, they are QC and fit for human implantation. Dental implants have not shown any allergic reaction. This material is similar to the materials used by orthopaedic surgeons for fracture treatment, knee replacements etc.  

I have heard, Implants in thin/weak bone are not stable in long term, what is different in this technology? 

Zygomatic dental implants by itself has a success rate higher than the conventional dental implants Internationally. SAPTeeth with zygomatic dental implants offer added advantage of reduced pressure on the jaw bone. Hence, this technology offers long term stability.  

Will my smile and looks change?

A good smile is the one in which the edges of the upper teeth seat just above the lower lip. In other words, your looks will not change, but it will be enhanced youthfully.  

Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai touches base with the vital topic of the option of Dental Implants in cases of Less or No Bone.

Zygomatic Implants plummeted success rate to an impressive 97% with their new, innovative techniques. Zygomatic Implants with SAPTeeth™ by Royal Dental Clinics, takes upto a few weeks to heal and several procedures are completed in one to two days. In most cases, Royal Implant provides one-day treatment with immediate loading of dental implants. 

How long will the new teeth last? 

The success rate of dental implant is 95% over a 5 year period and 90% success rate over a 10 year period. However, Royal Dental Clinics offers a 5 year service free warranty for the treatment performed.

Can I enjoy non- vegetarian food such as meat with these teeth? 

As in cases of stress during eating, SAPTeeth™ technology offers considerable reduction in the force transmitted to the implant and bone. This technology also allows for the implant and tooth under the SAPTeeth™ teeth to relax. Therefore, this allows to harder food particles to chewed with relative ease.  

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How much time would my treatment take? 

Depending on the case, the treatment will usually take a few hours with 2-3 short duration follow-up appointments.  

Is it painful? 

With the advances in local anesthesia, minimal/no pain if felt during the treatment. After that, minor pain killer can be prescribed. However, in cases, where due to apprehension or otherwise, if you want the treatment can perform in complete sedation as well.  

What if my implant or teeth break or fail? 

Failure of dental implant is a known but rare complication. However, in such cases repair or replacement of the implant done. In addition, the repairs in SAPT technology is simple, and can be done on the dental chair itself.  

Are they expensive? 

In someway, zygomatic dental implant considered better than traditional implants. However in cases where the bone is less for traditional implants, bone grafting is the alternative solution which may take around half a year for healing followed by dental implants.

Bone resorption along with lower bone quality often make it impossible to place dental implants in the posterior maxilla. Zygoma implants are then advised and anchored in to the zygomatic bone rather than the maxilla.

Dr. Chirag Chamria in this explainer video discuss about missing tooth and advanced implantology options.


In conclusion, as per Dr. Chirag Chamria, Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, “Those who do not have enough jaw bone for the secure insertion of implants don’t have to give up on fixed dental prostheses, thanks to Zygoma implants.” 

With advanced Implantology; dental treatment for missing teeth in can be completed in just One Day or a Single Sitting.

Royal Cosmognathic is formed by the multi-disciplinary team of specialists treating all the alterations affecting the face and mouth areas. Royal Cosmognathic is located within the Royal Health Care facility in Mumbai. In the maxillofacial area, the surgical team is led by Dr Chirag Chamria, who takes charge of all the advanced procedures in dentistry. In the department of advanced implantology, Dr Chirag Chamria deals with the most complex and complicated cases of implants with lack of bone, or multiple failures.

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