Eating With SAPTeeth is Possible Now.

PEEK framework

The forces of eating transferred from the tooth to the bone and then to the jaw joint. This mechanism called as mastication. Under normal circumstances the load of therefore chewing controlled by the feedback mechanism of the naturally shock absorbable periodontal ligaments

In cases where dental treatment done and extremely rigid prosthetic materials like metal and zirconium used, they can withstand natural torsion of the jawbone but if they connected in the premolar and the molar region the compressive and tensile forces transmitted to the natural root and implant increases. In cases whereas of weak bone this is highly unadvisable, as this may lead to early aging of the prosthesis and loss of the support structures. 

Compared to titanium, zirconium, or ceramic, rehabilitation with SAPTeethTM significantly reduces the peak load during eating. This shock absorbable property produces a positive effect for the patient and increases the durability of the restoration. 


How does the force get transferred? 

Natural teeth: Sharpe’s fibers support the retention of the tooth into the jaw bone and also absorb the forces which applied to the tooth. These fibers also contain nerve endings which gives a feedback to the brain in case of excessive force. Hence the maximum load borne by the tooth and little load transmitted to the bone. 

Dental Implant: In case of Osseo integrated dental implant, no fibers or nerve endings are present. Also, the feedback to the brain is very low. As there is no shock absorbing capability in titanium dental implant, the entire load is directly borne by the natural bone. whereas Under such large forces of eating the natural bone tends to get damaged and weak. 

How do SAPTeethTM manage these forces? 

Natural teeth: Crowing or capping of natural teeth is usually indicated in cases where the tooth is already damaged due to infection, mobility, and cavity or has been altered by cosmetic dentistry, in such cases the ability of the Sharpe’s fibers reduces. SAPteethTM redistribute these forces and reduce the load and pressure on the natural tooth, Sharpe’s fiber and the bone. 

whereas Dental Implant: SAPteethTM aims to provide the shock absorbing capability to the teeth. As in cases of the dental implant the forces acting on the implant may be in unfavorable angles. SAPteethTM reduces these forces and helps in immediate load of the dental implant. 

 Natural TeethSAPTeethTMMetalZirconium
WeightSAPTeethTM  are light3 times heavier4 times heavier
Hardness60 to 280 HV0.5 times5 times20 times
SAPTeethTM  are softer and hence do not damage the natural teeth.
Modulus of Elasticity2000 – 12000 mpa2200 – 4200 mpa115000 mpa205000 mpa
SAPTeethTM apply almost natural forces, when compared with conventional alternates.
Surface FinishIdealBestWorstGood

SAPteethTM are only surpassed by the nature itself. SAPteethTM are the most innovative solution available at select laboratories and dentist only.

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