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Mandibular surgery is the surgical procedure used to correct the misaligned jaw. This involves cutting and moving your jaw to a new position. This takes place under general anaesthesia. Misaligned jaw correction is possible in one day. The patient needs to take care of post-recovery, which may take a few weeks.  The surgeon might do an external cut on your during the surgery. But the wound will quickly heal and become almost invisible. Therefore, the operation is normally carried out from the inside of the mouth, so that it leaves no external scars. In the following paragraphs, let’s learn more about misaligned jaw treatment options.

Let’s understand why Orthognathic surgery is necessary

Dr. Chamria concludes with an important note pertaining to jaw injuries, that is emergency care and its significance in such cases.

The repositioning of the jaw requires an Orthognathic surgery. In order to correct an imbalance between the upper and lower jaw. The term derives from the early Greek “ortho” (straighten) and the Latin “gnathia” (jaw). There are medical conditions which will benefit. The problem pertaining to facial trauma or issues such as a cleft palate. In most cases, however, orthognathic surgery is not essential. The objectives are a better bite and enhanced facial appearance. Correcting jaw discrepancies helps to balance the shape of the face, a factor to be carefully analysed, alongside medical aspects.

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Jaw Correction Surgery

A tiny titanium plate and screw holds this in place of the repositioned jaw. However, there can be circumstances where they might be removed, although as with most bone surgery, they normally stay in place. Retaining measures added after surgery help guide your teeth into their new bite. Your teeth not wired together, but small elasticated bands placed for a while. Jaw correction may take a few hours to upto 3 days.

Surgery options for Misaligned Jaw

Correcting the lower jaw position in most cases requires a maxillofacial plastic surgery. The type of surgery chosen will depend on the underlying cause of your uneven jaw. Your maxillofacial surgeon may choose:

Maxillary osteotomy. This is a surgery performed on the upper jaw to correct open bites or cross bites. The upper jaw and teeth moved forward so they align with the lower jaw and teeth.

Mandibular osteotomy. This surgery corrects issues such as overbite and protruding lower jaw. Your surgeon cuts in the back of your mouth to move the lower jaw forward or backward.

Genioplasty. Genioplasty will fix a small or crooked chin. The jaw and chin restructured by cutting the chin bone in the front side of jaw. Jaw wiring. Jaw wiring used to re-position the jaw in a certain position and provide support in the case of a fracture.

SAPT Technology in jaw Surgery

In cases where the individual’s need is urgent, an alternative to orthodontics (braces and wires). Therefore, the jaw surgery by using SAPT Technology. There can be dramatic changes in the irregularities of the jaw bone. This enhances the jaw position and alignment of the smile. Other salient benefits of this treatment are:

Improved airway circulation 

Aesthetic profile 

Better chewing and swallowing efficiency  

Improves the ability to close the mouth and lips properly 

Relives pain and discomfort at the TMJ region 

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Misaligned Jaw Correction Treatment Options

Although many of the abnormalities can treated with orthodontics alone. Moreover in cases of an extensive deformity, a surgical correction with cosmognathic technology deployed. Typically, both the hard and soft tissues of the face along with the teeth and bite, need to considered while formulating a definitive treatment plan, which will lead to the best facial balance outcome.

Lower Jaw Facial Fracture Trauma

It is always recommended to do dental treatments in the first week of any upper or lower jaw injury, since this not only reduces complications in the long run, but also gives a high success rate of dental and maxillofacial treatments.

Dr. Chirag Chamria emphasises the value of a mouth guard, which can prevent sports-related injuries in some cases. In conclusion, Dr. Chirag Chamria mentions that it is emergency care and its significance in such cases. All these complications are manageable and are resolved as soon as they are detected. However, with proper observation and time-to-time examination of the bone augmentation process, one can achieve the desired results.

The Benefits of Jaw Correction Surgery:

The bite enhanced, a practical, social and in a way, medical advantage. You will look different, how much depends on the original problem, although your features should be in proportion, a natural facial appearance. The look fulfilled in full after surgery, therefore a complete and pleasant transformation visible. The vast majority of our patients are delighted with the results of orthognathic surgery.

A maxillofacial consultant, experienced in orthognathic surgery at Royal Dental Clinics provides this. They carry out a physical examination, review any related medical needs and discuss options in detail with you. As part of this, planning can include using models, x-rays, or computer analysis. An orthodontist may become involved in treatment planning, as orthodontic care often forms stages within your treatment.

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