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Quick Advice on Oral Ulcers in 60 Seconds

Oral and mouth ulcers

A mouth ulcers is the loss or erosion of part of the delicate tissue that lines the inside of the mouth. There are many things that can cause oral ulcers. The most common cause is injury, such as accidentally biting the inside of your cheek. Other causes include aphthous ulceration, certain medications, skin rashes in the mouth, viral, bacterial and fungal infections, chemicals, some medical conditions and, rarely, an ulcer may represent oral cancer.

In most cases, mouth ulcers are harmless and resolve by themselves within 10 to14 days without the need for any treatment. See your dentist or doctor if your oral ulcers don’t clear up within two weeks, or if you get them frequently.
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Dental Implants after Oral Cancer Surgery

Mouth Ulcers are characterised by loss of epidermis and basement membrane exposing the dermis also known as canker sore. They can occur commonly after a tooth decay. These are seen more commonly in females than males. It can be present on lips, tongue, floor of mouth, gums or palate. It’s important not to ignore an ulcer that you have had for more than two weeks, especially if you use tobacco products and drink alcohol regularly. They may show signs of cyst or oral cancer. Dental problems can be prevented and completely avoided if you are responsible for your oral health.

Types of Oral Ulcers in Mouth: 

Minor Aphthous Ulcers (MiAUs)

Most commonly found in children. May seen in adults as well. These stress related, self-diagnosed, self-treatable. They last for a very short term, less than a week. Resolves on its own (heal within 10-14 days). They are not contagious. They are small and shallow (< 1 cm) mainly seen on tongue. Presents with mild to moderate pain and may cause discomfort on chewing. 

Major Aphthous Ulcers (MjAUs)

MjAUs are less common than MiAUs. Similar in appearance but are larger than 10mm in diameter and also deeper. Scarring occurs and may last for few weeks to few months. Seen on lips, tongue or soft palate. Presents with pain and difficulty in chewing. Frequently found in HIV + patients. 

oral ulcer
In most cases, mouth ulcers are harmless and resolve by themselves.

Herpetiform Ulcers

They are small (1-2mm) and are present in multiples. Occurs on lateral and ventral surface of tongue and floor of the mouth. They may coalesce to form larger ulcer with erythema. Most commonly seen in females. Ulcers may last for 7 to 14 days. Affects older age group. 

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Common Treatment for Oral Ulcers:  

Drink plenty of water and juices

Avoid hot, spicy, sour food

Use Topical steroid ointment such as triamcinolone 0.1% 

Use Topical anesthetic gels- such as dologel CT 

Antibiotics- tetracycline  

home remedies for oral ulcers
Home Remedies for Oral Ulcers

Apply ice or cold packs

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic to relieve severe pain

Medicated gels like gummex, dentogel to applied in small quantity

Vitamin C, B12 supplements 

Traditional agents like ghee, yoghurt, turmeric, honey 


A routine dental checkup is necessary in order to keep a thorough check on the overall health of the oral mucosa. A quick dental advice for treating the oral ulceration prevents flaring of the same. Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai, has separate waiting rooms, resting areas, consulting rooms and treatment rooms for every patient. Utmost care and comfort is provided to patients and relatives by every staff keeping in mind the safety parameters during this pandemic. To know more, visit www.royalimplant.com

Rehabilitation is the process of restoring and remodeling of the hard and soft tissue, all in order to replicate the function and aesthetics. Usually carried either during cancer removal or at-least after 1 and a half years. Complete rehabilitation of all oral functions, following treatment for cancers should be an ultimate goal which is sometimes difficult to achieve in all patients. Oral Cancer Awareness is of paramount importance.

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