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When you think of cosmetic dentistry procedures, you probably imagine gaudy veneers and wrinkle-reducing injections. Cosmetic dentistry is so much more than that, however. It’s a range of procedures and techniques designed to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums and smile. There are many different types of cosmetic dental treatments available today. Each has its own set of benefits, but they can all be combined to transform your smile into something that stands out rather than something that blends in. If you want to get ahead with your smile this article will give you all the information you need.

Teeth h Whitening | Cosmetic Dentistry

A teeth whitening treatment is a simple solution that can have a huge impact for patients who want a whiter smile without having to wear cosmetic dentures. The process is quick and simple, and the results are immediate. Because the surface of the teeth is not altered, the whitening process can be reversed if necessary, making it ideal for patients who want to maintain the natural appearance of their teeth.

Teeth whitening before after
Teeth Cleaning cosmetic treatment

The type of whitening treatment will depend on the condition of your teeth. If they are severely stained, there may be a need for a dental cleaning first, followed by a whitening treatment. If the stains are not as bad, a whitening treatment alone may be all that is needed.

Repair Chipped or Broken Teeth with Veneers

Veneers are a popular choice for patients who struggle with broken or chipped teeth. These thin shells are fitted over your teeth to cover any gaps and enhance their appearance. Veneers are available in a wide range of colours, which means you can transform your smile from dull to dazzling with just one procedure. Veneers are commonly used to correct teeth that are discoloured.

DENTAL Veneers
Cosmetic Dental Treatment

This can be caused by a variety of factors, including ageing, genetics or an underlying medical condition. There are also some cases in which a tooth may have been stained accidentally. Veneers are also a useful option for patients who have had teeth removed and want to replace the lost tooth with a natural-looking option.

Dentures for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentures can be a great solution for those who have lost their teeth, but they may not always fit comfortably. If you are not able to adjust the fit of your dentures yourself, you may be struggling to wear them comfortably. In these situations, denture bonding is a quick and easy treatment that can help make them fit better. The process involves adding a thin layer of acrylic to the inside of the denture.

Types of Restoration

This can be tailored to the shape of your mouth to make them fit more comfortably and stay in place longer. If you have dentures that are not fitting properly, denture shaping may be another option to help. This treatment allows your dentist to adjust the shape of the dentures to make them fit better without needing permanent changes.

Add length with Crowns | Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

There are several ways to add length to your smile, many of which are commonly used within cosmetic dentistry. A dental bridge is one such option. With this treatment, a false tooth is fitted between two natural teeth to replace a missing tooth in the middle of the smile.

This allows you to keep the remaining teeth in your mouth healthy and functional for as long as possible. Crowns are another common treatment for patients who want to add length to their smile. A crown is placed over the entire tooth, making it stronger and longer. Crowns are commonly used to repair broken teeth, restore discoloured teeth or cover teeth affected by gum disease.

Colour of your Teeth with bonding

If you want to change the colour of just a few teeth, there are several options available. Bonding and staining are quick and easy treatments that can be tailored to the colour of your teeth. These treatments are used to colour the inside of your teeth, and they are extremely long-lasting. If you would prefer a less permanent solution, paint-on teeth colouring is a great option. This treatment allows you to colour just a few teeth at a time, meaning you can achieve the same results as with other treatments but without the long-term commitment.


Cosmetic dentistry is a range of procedures designed to improve the appearance of teeth, gums and smiles. There is a wide range of procedures available, including teeth whitening, veneers, bridging and crowns. Each has its own benefits, but they can all be combined to transform smiles into something that stands out rather than blends in.

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