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Do I need to extract my Wisdom Teeth before Braces?

wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth and braces. A Wisdom tooth is the third or the last molar which found at the back on each side of upper and lower jaws. Wisdom tooth erupts in mouth when a person is in late teens or in early 20s. Not everyone blessed with a wisdom teeth. Most adults have four wisdom teeth but about 15% of adults never develop one of these four teeth.

Prior to having braces, your dentist may recommend that your wisdom teeth be removed. The reason for this is because your wisdom teeth can potentially prolong or ruin your progress. The short answer to this issue is no; you should not wait until after your wisdom teeth are removed to get braces.

Braces are used to straighten crooked teeth, align bite, or create space so that permanent teeth can properly come in as they grow.

Wisdom teeth have been off great debate amongst orthodontists. Extraction of wisdom teeth before starting braces treatment depends on variety of factors. Hence, one of the main reasons that patients undergo wisdom teeth removal is that there is not enough space for the molars to erupt resulting in tooth impaction. If the teeth impacted, infection, cavities, overcrowding and periodontal disease are more likely to occur. The reason behind this is if wisdom teeth erupt after the orthodontic treatment, it will affect and undo the smile and teeth alignment that the braces helped to create.

Orthodontic options
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In other cases, where there space in the jaw, these third molars act as an anchor for orthodontic treatment and left in place. However, one more problem that occurs involves the posterior teeth cracking and breaking. During and after orthodontic treatment, tightly secured appliances given that shift the teeth and keep them in place. As the wisdom teeth push against the teeth and because the teeth are not able to more due to orthodontic appliances, it can cause significant damage to surrounding teeth. As a result, these is possibility that the tooth may require toot canals, dental crowns and even extractions. 

Braces Treatment and Wisdom Teeth

Close gaps in front teeth without braces and get your smile corrected in one day.

In general, wisdom teeth removed if they have surrounding gum disease, cavities that can’t be restored, infected or have associated tumors or cysts. In addition, wisdom teeth that erupting improperly or damaging the neighboring teeth need removed. 

Orthodontic treatments may require removal of wisdom teeth to create space to correct crowding or if wisdom teeth have moved into an un favourable position and are interfering with the function. However, there conditions where the wisdom teeth moved orthodontically to replace badly decayed and extracted neighbouring molar teeth. In short, unless there a specified orthodontic need for wisdom teeth removal the should be restored.  

Do I need to extract my Wisdom Teeth before Braces? May be Yes.

There are numerous reasons why wisdom teeth may be extracted by an oral surgeon. However, none of these reasons have to do with the shifting of the rest of your teeth. Wisdom teeth do have the potential to cause tooth decay, create cysts, and generate a lot of unnecessary pain. 

Dentists suggest getting your wisdom teeth removed if you are experiencing any of the following conditions, symptoms, or situations:
  1. Excessive tooth decay
  2. Various forms of gum disease are experienced
  3. Damage to nearby teeth caused by crowded molars
  4. Fluid-filled cysts have been detected
  5. Constant, chronic or persistent pain

Most, if not all, people who develop wisdom teeth will need to have them extracted. Some unique cases don’t require wisdom tooth extraction, but these are few and far between. Additionally, wisdom teeth should be easy to access with a toothbrush and floss to reduce the chance of tooth decay and cavities. 

At the end, it’s a personal decision whether or not you want to wait until the wisdom teeth come in to get braces. Just know, that wisdom teeth will not affect the alignment of already straightened teeth, but not wearing a retainer correctly could.

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