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6 Startling facts about Dental Crown!

dental crown in one day

Dental problems are prevalent nowadays. Despite all the care, people are prone to various dental issues. These problems can be tooth decay, cavities, tooth loss, etc. However, there are various dental treatments available for dental concerns. Some of them are preventive or conservative in nature. One of the most sought after treatments is getting replacement for natural tooth which is the dental crown. A dental crown is placed over a root canal treated tooth or a dental implant for smile beautification.

“Dr. Chamria illustrates it strikingly using Mango as a metaphor for your teeth; “When a part of the mango is rotten and left unattended, the whole mango will get decayed.”

Dr Arun Chamria

More about Dental Crowns for Smile beautification!

Firstly, A dental crown or a cap covers the root canal treated tooth, tooth part or a dental implant. Dental crown protects and supports failing teeth above the gum line. The decayed tooth is filled to get a perfect shape to fit a crown over it. The tooth are filled and crowned by dental experts.

Secondly, It is one of the most skeptical dental treatments, but it is the best option for you if you are anxious about your looks. Dental crowns appear just like your teeth. Sometimes people dental crowns to cover their decayed tooth or tooth that lost its colour.

dental crown
Your dental clinic at Mumbai for Dental Crown.

Ever seen an aunt or uncle with a gold tooth? Dental crowns created using custom-design (CAD-CAM) and specific materials (SAPTeeth). Dental crowns made from a variety of different materials. This helps to restore the strength and appearance of your tooth. The crown fitted on top of the tooth or implant absorbs the shock from the biting forces.

4. It also prevents the decay from growing and getting to other teeth as the crown covers the tooth entirely. It also prevents further damage to the stump. Dentists try their best to drill as little as possible. The main motive of this process is to save as much root as possible for the crown. 

Patient Testimonial Dental Crown Treatment in One Day!

root canal treatment

5. A crown can be create using various materials which are metal or polymer based. The selection of the material depends on multiple factors like the amount of strength needed and the appearance of the crown. The cost varies with the material used for the creation of the crown. Depending on the type of material, dental crown can actually last a pretty long time.

6. Above all, People get dental crowns for various reasons such as a protection from further decay, to cover a discoloured or misshaped tooth, to cap the dental implants, or to improve the appearance. After a dental crown placement, flossing is must to prevent bacteria buildup where the crown meets the gum line.

One-day dental crown for smile beautification

You can get a crown in a single appointment at Royal Dental. Some dental offices offer same-day crown installation using one of several methods involving computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Your new crown is designed and milled from a block of SAPTeeth polymer, right there in the office.

Who needs a crown after root canal?

If you have a large cavity that’s too big for a filling, it may be time for a crown. You may also need a crown if your tooth is: severely worn down, cracked or weakened. In addition, crowns are recommended following a root canal on a tooth, because the tooth is more fragile and needs protection. Hence, you may be a candidate for a crown if you’re missing a tooth, and the dentist needs to put in a dental bridge or a tooth implant.

Cosmetic Dentistry plethora involves straightening of teeth with the help of advance procedure and CADCAM in one day. With a combination of surgical guide, SAPTeeth, CBCT planning and our dental experts; full mouth rehabilitation procedures is possible under one roof.

These are very common post Root canal, Implant, Crown cutting procedures. Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells of various colours designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. With the best dentist veneers in India by your side, you will be able to smile confidently in public.

Root Canal Treatment with Crown for Smile Beautification

However, A smile bridges the gap between Two individuals and your teeth play a vital role in creating a perfect smile. Royal Dental Clinics cosmetic dentistry involves professional care that improves overall appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile. Hence, In cases where naturally teeth are stained, these can be removed by scaling in few minutes. For teeth that are crooked or chipped, polymer crowns are fabricated as required by InDent Laboratory (In-House Manufacturing for Royal Dental Clinics)

Don’t let a fractured tooth stand in way of your smile; But given situation, is it really safe to visit a dental clinic? In conclusion, you should prefer SAPTeeth as they are much more durable and comfortable.

smile with teeth
Beautiful smile young woman. White teeth on the master plan. Free space and background to use.
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  1. Dental problems are prevalent nowadays. A dental crown is placed over a root canal treated tooth or a dental implant for smile beautification.

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