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Root Canal pain may come back after years

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Root canal treatment, a procedure which is carried out to save the natural tooth and restoring its functional. Root canal treatment are generally painless. Due to some unwarranted reasons, root canal treated tooth can develop pain after years. Root Canal treated tooth may suffer pain again after few years. Know more below. During the root canal treatment, the tooth that needs to be treated is identified with the help of a localised X-ray known as IOPA. With the latest and advanced techniques, low radiation digital RVGs or a panoramic view by OPG or CBCTcan be done.

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Ideally speaking a root canals procedure is not as painful as a patient would anticipate when done with good hands. The pain related to root canal infection is mostly anxiety related or related to other medical conditions. The throbbing pain which patients would feel is due to grossly carious tooth as the pulp already exposed to the outer surface.

If you have pain or infection due to cavity, which is deep and near the pulp of your teeth; you may need painless options other than dental filling:

  1. Partial Pulpectomy: The pulp therapy treatment is instituted when the decay has reached the pulp. Further, the pulp is partially intact and partially damaged. Your dentist here exercises its discretion as to whether he should completely remove both your damaged pulp and the intact pulp or remove only the damaged pulp alone. You must adhere to your appointment, else you may have severe pain.
  2. Root Canal Treatment: This pulp therapy treatment is instituted when the decay has reached the pulp. Further, the pulp is partially or completely damaged. Your dentist removes the entire damaged pulp from the pulp from the pulp chamber as well as the roots. The roots are then filled immediately or after a few dressings of cotton embedded in medicine.

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Reasons for root canal pain reviving after years could be:  

Missed Canals: Normal anatomy because of anterior or posterior teeth can vary from patient These missed canals add to the source of infection which leads to pain and may disturb the seal of the filled canals as well.This can cause failure of therapy over the years. 

Secondary Caries: Ill- fitting crowns may cause food lodgement which leads to secondary caries in a tooth. This in turn will gradually lead to pain in treated tooth. 

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Under filled canals: While obturating, certain canals filled halfway not reaching the apex region. Such under filled canals lead to periapical lesions causing pain. Not necessarily, all under filled canals cause pain. 

Trauma from Occlusion: If the occlusion is imbalanced, it creates pressure on the root canal treated tooth leading to damage of periodontal ligaments over a period of time causing gradual pain. 

Poor oral hygiene: If the patient does not maintain proper oral hygiene, it may lead to food lodgment further causing gingivitis and periodontitis. An abscess can develop adjacent to the tooth or at the apex of the root leading to endo-perio lesion causing re-infection of the treated tooth. 

Dislodged prosthesis leading to fracture of the tooth: If the patient fails to replace his or her broken prosthesis, it may lead to fracture of the tooth and dislodgement of the core build up done causing micro leakage and subsequent infection of the treated tooth.

Or the patient just simply opted to not get the complete treatment!

root canal treatment
Root Canal pain may come back after years? Don’t worry, we have got your back.

Painless Root Canal treatment if left untreated:

A root canal infection that is left untreated or incomplete, can spread beyond the tooth as well. The infection can spread to the adjacent teeth, jaws, face and even into the blood stream. Bacteria from the pulp can travel all the way to the roots and enter into the maxillary sinus and facial spaces. The infection can also spread across the jaw, crossing the midline giving severe inflammatory issues.

Thus, one should keep in mind the consequences of delaying or not undergoing root canal therapy completely. In short, root canal’s therapy is a must dental procedure which saves the natural tooth and helps a person to maintain normal chewing functions that should not be neglected by an individual thinking only about its cost. 

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