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Post and Core Treatment after Root Canal

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Did your dentist mention “Post and core” procedure during root canal treatment? Post and core is a dental restoration given when there is inadequate amount of healthy tooth structure in order to retain a crown. It can be done when one or more walls of the tooth are missing or the tooth simply requires an additional support.

Post and Core consists of 2 Parts: 

  • Post: Usually a small rod made up of metal or fibre and inserted into the root space of the tooth with a couple of millimetres above the canal orifice. The post is used to hold the core filling material. Post is inserted into the root canal hence a root canal treated tooth.  
  • Core: Core is a build-up of filling material which holds the post in place. It replaces missing tooth structure so that a crown can be placed over it. The core is made up of composite polymers such as light cure GIC or resin materials. Core is used to hold the crown in place.
Post and Core Diagram

Dental restoration can be a single unit or a retainer crown for dental bridges. A dental crown’s stability depends on the amount of tooth structure that extends into the interior. If a very little tooth structure occupies the space the crown can be dislodged by forces directed on it. The core re-builds the tooth nearing to its original dimension thus increasing the crown stability and long-term success. 

Indications: Large part or all of the tooth structure lost is seen in decay or tooth trauma. A post and core can be done only if the tooth has undergone a root canal treatment.  

Treatment procedure for root canal:

After the Endodontics procedure, some of the Gutta Percha is removed from the canal space to place the post. The post space created with the help of a piezo which comes in various thickness. An appropriate post is selected and verified with the help of an IOPA. Post length should be 3/4th of the entire tooth length in order to acquire stability. Post is then coated with luting materials like GIC or resin. A stable core build-up material is then placed to form the tooth crown. Post and core is considered as an alternative to tooth extraction thus saving the natural teeth. 

Save Your teeth, From all of us to all of yours.

Post and core is a dental restoration procedure which is performed after a root canal treatment. The purpose of a post and core is to save an existing tooth that has lost a significant amount of its internal structure. A post and core helps anchor a dental crown on top of a tooth to shield it from further damage.

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Root canal dental restoration procedure
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