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What is Oral Prophylaxis or Dental Scaling?

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Poor oral health is one of the most common health conditions of childhood. Oral Prophylaxis is a dental procedure comprising of cleaning of the teeth surfaces, removal of tartar and plaque below the gums. It a routine preventive dental procedure carried out for proper maintenance of oral hygiene. Patients with high risk of dental diseases would require frequent visits. The dentist may advise prophylaxis appointment ever 3-4 months. 

What happens during Oral Prophylaxis or polishing?

During an oral prophylaxis appointment, the dentists uses non-invasive dental equipment such as ultrasonic scalers that used to remove the plaque and calculus. The dentist then polishes the tooth surfaces for a smooth finish with the help of glycerine and hydrogen peroxide. Oral prophylaxis or scaling done to detect dental problems which unnoticed at an early stage. The dentist while performing scaling comes across minor cavities, pits, gum diseases or any oral dental lesion. This helps the dentist to diagnose these problems at an early stage. 

In case of children, fluoride or sealants are used to prevent tooth decay. Dental cleaning is the only pain free procedure in dental field.

Oral prophylaxis can be carried out at home with the dentist’s instructions. At home; flossing, interdental brushing, use of antiseptic mouthwashes can done to maintain healthy teeth and gum conditions. Correct techniques for flossing and brushing should made understood to the patient for regular maintenance of teeth and gums. Brushing twice a day highly recommended both for adults as well as children.

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Oral Prophylaxis or Dental Scaling

How often should one get Oral Prophylaxis done?

Once every 6-9 months

✔️ Or every 3-4 months as advised by your dentist

In most cases, every 1-2 years should do

Why do you need Dental scaling and polishing?

The primary purpose of dental scaling is to clean the surface of the tooth in order to remove accumulated plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to tooth surface becoming discolored, painful and prone to fracture. The dental scaling treatment helps in removing the plaque and plaque from below the gums. This helps in keeping the teeth looking fresh and clean. The dental scaling process works by making the teeth as smooth as possible. A slight pressure applied to the gums is enough to make the enamel stronger.

Correct way of Brushing to keep Teeth Cleaned:

Know the right way of brushing!

Dental scaling or polishing is a routine dental procedure done by the dentist in which the patient’s mouth is cleaned with a wide toothbrushing suction, then a thin forceps like rod with a loop at the end is used to pull the sharp corner of the teeth that gives the dentist the scope to remove plaque from deep within the crevices.

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