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6 causes of pain after a Dental Crown

Ceramic dental crown

Dental problems are very common nowadays. Despite all the care, people are prone to dental issues. These problems can be tooth decay, cavities, tooth loss, etc. there are various treatments available for dental problems. Most of them are dentures or bridges or crowns as the final restoration. One of the best treatments is getting a dental crown for a smile beautification or makeover. Know more about causes of Pain After A Dental Crown.

Things you must know about Dental Crowns!

Fixed dental prosthesis consists of fixed bridges & crowns over natural teeth or implants. Minor complications such as pain, discomfort, sensitivity, pseudo impression of loose teeth are common symptoms. Over a period of time patient used to it and most of the above symptoms resolved on their own. Pain may come due to other dental problems.

Causes of Pain after a crown or bridge | Dental problem

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Eliminate Pain After A Dental Crown, follow-up your dentist.

Secondary Decay or Infection Pain After a Dental Crown

Fixed bridges last anywhere between 10-15 years depending upon the oral hygiene and medical conditions. After this time the bridge can become loose due to cement cracks, improper oral hygiene and food lodging. This causes food lodgment between gums and crowns leading to decay, infection or gingival recession. If the teeth not root canal treated, it will cause pain and sensitivity. And even if the teeth root canal treated, gum pain will still persist due to infection.

Relief from pain on crown due to secondary decay: Antibiotics, analgesics, removal of old bridge/crowns, deep scaling, root canal of untreated teeth and replacement with new bridges & crowns.

Pain due to Improper Bite after Dental Crown

While fixing fixed prosthesis bite adjustment done to align the artificial teeth in occlusion in harmony with the existing natural teeth, surrounding musculature and temporomandibular joint. If the prosthetic teeth do not occlude properly the bite changed resulting in jaw pain, headaches, pressure on opposing teeth leading to bone loss in future.

Relief from pain on crown due to improper bite: NSAID’s, muscle relaxants, occlusal reduction for elimination of high points.

Biting on Hard Objects with the Dental Crown

Patient can inadvertently bite on hard objects resulting in fracture of crown or tooth underneath the crowns. This may cause mild pain or sensitivity.

Relief from pain on crown due to hard biting: Veneers/ composite,  post and core, replacement of bridge or crown, extraction and implants. SAPTeeth polymers for peek framework and HIPC crowns are wonderful alternates.

Implant Retained Bridge

As the inferior alveolar nerve approaches the mental foramen it gives off branch named mental nerve. The mental nerve can course straight, vertical or in an anterior loop fashion. The prevalence of anterior loop is around 28%. Hence, Trauma to this region can sensory disturbance, increased bleeding and pain post implant therapy.

Cure for Implant retained bridge: Variations of mental nerve anatomy should kept in mind before implant placement.

Pain from Peri-mucositis and Peri-implantitis

Inflammation of peri implant tissue is one of the most common complication. In conclusion, excess of cement around the peri implant tissue, trauma from occlusion improper oral hygiene can lead to pain and or infection of gums around the implant and infection around the implant itself.

Cure for pain after dental crown: Antibiotics, antiseptics, NSAID’s, deep scaling, regenerative surgeries.

Active Fit & Over Extended Margin of Dental Crown

The crowns should fit passively and there should not be any over extension of the margin. Sometimes due to gum swelling the margins may not be clearly visible. Hence, after a period of 1-2 weeks a followup appointment may be required.

In conclusion, there are many reasons patient can have pain after fixed dental prosthesis. Hence pain should evaluated by the dentist to restore the function and esthetics of fixed prosthesis.

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  1. One of the best treatments is getting a dental crown for a smile beautification or makeover. thanks you for share these problems

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