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What are the best options for Missing Tooth?

missing tooth options

Missing tooth affects the esthetics and overall facial appearance of an individual. If missing tooth not replaced in time, it cause various problems such as loss of the opposing and neighbouring teeth, bite imbalance, speech impairment, difficulty in eating, malocclusion, and weakness of the jaw bone. Missing teeth can be a tragic thing for anyone. If you are someone that is missing a tooth or some teeth you may be all too aware of the importance of dental health and your looks. There are several ways for replacing broken teeth. Some of the best ways of having teeth replaced by getting partial or complete dentures, fixed bridges, or implants

Dental Implants as an option for Missing Tooth

In the past, many patients have lamented losing natural teeth, as dentists were not able to provide an acceptable replacement. But now dental implants have provided a stable fit that has drastically improved the ability of patients to chew and talk. Dental implants are fixed in mouth which gives it an advantage over dental dentures. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or many teeth. It can help patients get back healthy teeth that will make them look and feel young. 

single stage immediate loading dental implant

It is a great way to replace missing tooth and provides a permanent option for the same. A titanium screw fixed into the jaw bone around which the bone forms and the implant fused to the bone over a period of time. A crown resembling natural tooth then replaced over it.

Features: Dental implants provide a long term fixed solution. The neighbouring teeth left untouched. Dental Implants require minimal invasive surgical procedures. Same day fixed teeth with smile beautification completed. Instead of replacing every single tooth with a single dental implant, now get implant-supported fixed bridge to restore multiple missing teeth.

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Crowns and Bridges

Crown act as a way to extend the life of an existing tooth that may harmed due to damage or erosion. Dental crowns, or bridges given on a fractured tooth or teeth can save its life. Crowns and bridges are front and back tooth supported shells or bridges. Support taken from the front and back adjacent teeth and crowns placed on the existing teeth and over the missing space.

dental crowns and bridges

Advantages of a crown or bridge is that the treatment is less invasive procedure as no surgery required. The treatment for replacing missing tooth in cases go crown and bridges is more economical. Disadvantages of a crown or bridge that the adjacent teeth need to be re-shaped because of which the natural tooth structure lost. Also if the bridge poorly fitted, food lodgement underneath the bridge which becomes very difficult to clean.

In a bridge, natural teeth used adjacent to the empty space to support a false tooth. More than one tooth, supported by natural teeth. The natural teeth usually shaved or contoured so that a cap placed on it.  Such teeth usually known as the abutment teeth.  The crowns that reside on each of the natural teeth support the false tooth in between them which also known as the pontic tooth. Bridges can be an excellent solution if the adjacent teeth require crowns for any other reason. Completed in one single day usually. This may require desensitization of the natural tooth.  

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Removable Partial denture

Dentures, defined as false removable teeth which easily fabricated.  Dentures can be of two types partial and complete. In partial dentures, only one or a few teeth replaced. In the complete dentures, all the teeth that are missing in the jaw replaced. 

They’re used in cases where few missing teeth to be replaced. It is comparatively a simpler and economical option for replacing missing teeth.

Advantages of removable partial denture that it’s easy to repair though may take multiple sittings to get the right fit fabricated. Also, teeth added directly if any teeth lost in future. Disadvantages of partial dentures is that it needs to removed and cleaned regularly every night before sleeping. They can be uncomfortable for wearing at times as these dentures do not give a natural appearance.

Get implants with fixed teeth in one day!

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are used for replacing full upper and lower edentulous arches. They can be removable or fixed. Its a tissue supported prosthesis. Denture consists of acrylic gum coloured base too which denture teeth attached. Any patient who doesn’t wish to undergo dental implant surgery can opt for complete denture.

Dentures only hold false teeth on a plastic or metal framework. These frameworks are easily removable. Its specifically designed to fit around the adjacent teeth. The framework usually seen to cover part of the gum tissue or the roof of the mouth. Dentures equipped with rests and hooks that assist in holding the framework. One of the disadvantages of dentures is that these dentures can be sometimes visible when smiling.  

complete removables
Complete Removables

Advantages of complete dentures: Significantly improves facial appearance. Improves speech and masticatory function. Provides correct support for muscles of the cheeks and lips. Can be very affordable compared to other options. Disadvantages for complete dentures could be can become ill-fitting in a short time particulary lower denture as the shape of jaw bone changes. These have to removed for cleaning and must be left out overnight.

A framework of peek polymer with SAPT.HIPC crowns over it. Peek acts as a shock absorber and effectively dissipates the load on arch.

All-on-4 implant supported denture

A full arch lower denture fits on the 4 implants and upper denture may require 6 implants for support. Though the denture is removable patient gets the advantage of having fixed teeth. Patients who have significant jaw bone loss can also opt for this option.

Advantages of All-on-4 implant supported dentures is that its more stable and almost like a complete fixed denture. Disadvantages of this is that attachments on the fitting surface need to maintained and must be replaced periodically.

All the options presented above, must discussed with the dentist to ensure that they work well for your missing teeth.

Advantages of dental implants over bridges and dentures: 

Implants fixed in one place and cant removed every night. This gives them an advantage over denatures. Implants also very aesthetically pleasing without any visible hooks or clasps that seen while smiling. 

Bridges require natural healthy teeth to be shaved in order to be installed. This is very undesirable and may damage perfectly healthy teeth. If the natural teeth are lost for some reason the entire bridge may also be lost. Implants do not damage or effect surrounding teeth. They are only placed in the position of the missing teeth. 

Dr Arun Chamria goes ahead and explains that Dental Implant in one sitting can give biting load as good as natural teeth.

A post attached to the implant which will complete the foundation on which the new tooth placed. These days posts are also placed with the implants. In this phase, an artificial tooth is placed in the implant. With the help of modern dental technology, the new artificial tooth blended perfectly with the remaining natural teeth. The color and shape adjusted perfectly by the dentist. 

It takes around 6 minutes to place one dental implant. Implant is usually placed in the position of the missing tooth. The crown is then fixed on the implant. This complete procedure for one or more implants can now be done in a single day. It is important to keep good oral hygiene to ensure the success of the entire procedure. Regular check with the dentist is required to make the implant process for missing tooth successful!

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  1. dental implants are fixed in mouth which gives it an advantage over dental dentures. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or many teeth. It can help patients get back healthy teeth.

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