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After your smile, your nose is one of the most distinctive features of the face. Needless to say that its basic function is essential in our day to day life. But what happens when we are unhappy with the way our face looks? Or may be have functional defects of the nasal spectrum that make it difficult for us to breathe?

As a surgeon, Maxillofacial doctors look at the aesthetics of the complete face. Beauty lies in the balance of all the facial structures and not an ideal configuration. Rhinoplasty surgery enhances facial harmony and balances proportions of your nose.

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Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to god, and keep your face to the raising sun.

Do you notice the nose while you smile through teeth?

The twinkle in your eye or the eye bags? Sharp healthy nose or a big hump? Cleaning glistering teeth or crooked patchy teeth? If any of your answers were latter, then this article should make sense to you. 90% of the untouched noses would have a slight deviation or a small hump. These may also have downturned tip or a fat tip.  Most often these slight variations do not bother an individual’s face. But if it bothers you then you should checked it.  

After an external and internal nasal examination, the surgeon will come up with a treatment plan and alternate for you as per your preferences. The surgeon then classifies the nose on the basis of work required.  

Level I

This is a typical type which requires minor corrections including hump reduction, narrowing of it and minimal tip refinement for better face. 

Level II

Level 2 is a slightly more complicated case with more nasal deviation or obstruction. The tip moves with smile and the tip requires refinement and also grafting. These are about 4-5 % in private practice.  

Level III

This is the most complex type, which may require additional grafting procedures and suturing techniques. These constitute in about 1 percent of the population.  

Rhinoplasty can not only enhance the look and function of the nose, it can also improve confidence and eliminate years of self-consciousness caused by your nasal appearance.


Know more about Nose today:

You may be advised to get an increase or decrease nose size.

Get the nostrils a new shape or reduce nasal tips.

Enhance a balance and harmony between other face features.

Have a positive effect on your overall facial aesthetic.

Correct problems associated with a deviated septum.

Improve breathing airway circulation.

Who can opt for a Nose Surgery in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, nasal surgeries are the most popular treatment among models, actors, and other artists involved in the show business who need a sharp and bold look. Though they are meant for sculpting, it helps to improve appearance, provides relief in nasal injury and improves breathing.

A nose job in Mumbai if your nose requires:

Reducing an enlarged nose

Aligning the nasal bridge with the face

Reshaping the tip of the nose

Narrowing the nasal base or nostrils

Improvising face structure by enhancing the nose.

Reshaping large, flared nostrils

Refine the nose after a traumatic accident

Smoothening out a dump or bulge on the nasal bridge

Correcting the nose width w.r.t. the face

What happens in a Rhinoplasty Consultation?

During your first consultation, our cosmetic surgeon will understand face expectations and goals from this surgery and suggest the most suitable treatment approaches if you are found to be a good candidate. 

One of the first things that any surgeon would confirm is if you have practical reasons to seek a nose job and are mentally prepared for a body-altering procedure.

After the consultation, the surgeon inspects your nose to understand the root causes of its defective shape. Your nasal structure will be mapped with photographs and CBCT scans to plan the types of surgeries required. It is always performed in a single session, so the surgeon will ask you to choose a convenient date and time for your surgery.

Learn to look at your Nose today

The surgeon will give you a personalized list of precautions to follow from at least a week before the procedure. These usually include medical or lifestyle-related factors such as avoiding painkillers, smoking cigarettes, drinking, changes in diet, among other things. Your consultation charges will be approximately Rs. 1,500/- when you first visit our surgeon at Royal Cosmognathic Clinic.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures available after smile correction. The treatment can improve both cosmetic and functional issues you may be having, addressing breathing problems and/or nasal shape, size, and symmetry.

Based on the findings, a treatment procedure date is selected and preferable to be performed under general anesthesia. The plasters are removed after 6 days and the swelling keeps reducing continuously for 12 months. 

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