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Is it safe to visit Dentist during Covid?

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Dentistry, along with the other healthcare fraternity; has drastically changed due to the shock from Covid pandemic. A dentist is at a high risk during any dental treatment due to the possible transmission of virus from aerosol. A dentist comes in close contact with the patient’s oral cavity, blood and saliva with almost 12 inches close. It is important to maintain safe distances, but at the same time distance is not possible during a dental treatment. Thus taking precautions such as wearing masks, face shield, gloves, head and eye gears to cover oneself is of crucial importance.

In fact every medical field is at risk. Especially the dental professionals are at more risk due to aerosol production. The virus presents itself in respiratory droplets. Dentistry today, drastically changed due to this Covid 19 pandemic. To get dental treatment, this covid era one need to follow certain protocols.

female medical staff in mask during covid
A young medical staff in mask getting tougher.

Steps to Book Dental Appointment

Firstly one should book an online appointment for tele-consultation. Its done to know about patients chief complaint and to confirm that one is not suffering from cold, cough and is not running temperatures. Procedures carried out in a dental field that produce aerosols would spread the saliva mixed with blood. So one has to be cautious to prevent the spread of further infection.

One can do so by not stepping out of their homes if there is no dental emergency.

For geriatric patient staying indoors and getting a consultation recommended as aged patients prone to acquire infection. Dentist will prescribe medications as per the requirements and  follow up done via further tele consultation. People with dental emergencies like excessive inflammation and pain that cannot be treated with medicines need to be treated in dental clinics following covid 19 infection control protocols.

spaces between teeth

Precautions taken from COVID by Dentist at Royal Dental:

  1. While travelling to the clinic for your dental treatment make sure you carry your mask, sanitizer.
  2. The mode which you are travelling like pvt vehicle has to be sanitized.
  3. Travelling by Public transport done with extra caution.
  4. Once you arrive at the clinic make sure you sanitise yourself.
  5. Your temperature will be checked.
  6. Resting Pods or Rooms with complete privacy and an attached washroom and working space. This ensures no two patients are in the same waiting zone of the clinic, thereby reducing the chances of a cross infection to negligent.
  7. Details such as travel history, checking their temperature etc. are part of this now new protocol.
  8. Doctors and clinic staff take utmost precaution and wear PPE kits during treatment.

Should You Visit A Dentist During COVID? Let’s hear what Dr Arun Chamria has to say.

An exclusive interview of the dental stalwart Dr. Arun Chamria by Maharashtra times, the no.1 print media daily; an initiative by times group. In this exclusive episode, Dr. Arun Chamria, the stalwart in dentistry is being introduced by maharashtra times. In this series dr arun talks about the experience of visiting a dentist during covid. He mentioned how royal dental clinics has already been following safety measures not only during the pandemic but for the past several years such as using masks, sanitiser, gloves, separate rooms etc. Dr. Arun Chamria, responds to a very important question pertaining to the situation and health concerns during the time of a pandemic, such as covid-19.

Dr. Arun Chamria, explains how Royal Dental Clinics has included utmost precautions, as a Standard Operating Procedure, from the very beginning. Thus whether there is an ongoing pandemic or not; there may always be chances of infections of known or unknown types.

We never closed. Royal Dental Clinics was unaffected due to the changes in COVID protocols, as we were already following social distancing with separate room protocol.


Dr. Arun Chamria mentions that the safety of the doctors, patients, the staff is of paramount importance to us. Many Dentistry related questions answered, many Covid related solutions provided, many innovations, and lots more in these bookmark-worthy Episodes exclusively with Maharashtra Times and Dr. Arun Chamria.

So what are you waiting for, Book An Appointment by clicking here to get the smile of your dreams.

Royal Dental Clinics, Mumbai; emphasises its patients to visit for a regular follow-up dental appointment. Appointment reminders on mail, call and an sms are acknowledged to manage staggered appointments and maintain social distancing norms.

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