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When you hear the word ‘cancer,’ you probably think of lung, breast, and other scary types. But there is another type of cancer that’s a lot less well known: oral cancer. The American Cancer Society reports that in 2016 alone, almost 10,000 people were diagnosed with oral cancer; on top of that, nearly 730 people died from it. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most preventable cancers. There are several risk factors for developing mouth cancer. Commonly drinking alcohol, smoking, and chewing tobacco but there are steps you can take to protect your mouth and reduce your risk as much as possible. Here are 5 ways to prevent oral cancer recommended by oral surgeon.

Change your lifestyle and habits

You may think that smoking or chewing tobacco is a harmless, even ‘manly,’ habit, but it can lead to serious health issues, including oral cancer. While it’s not clear how exactly smoking increases your risk of mouth cancer, it’s likely to be due to the damage it does to your oral tissues. The same goes for drinking alcohol says oral surgeon. While moderate drinking is not thought to increase your risk of cancer in any significant way, heavy drinking can increase your risk of oral cancer. If you’re at risk of developing oral cancer, or want to reduce your risk even further, we recommend quitting these habits as soon as possible.

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Visit the dentist regularly

You probably know that regular dental checkups are important for preventing tooth decay and gingivitis, but did you know it can help prevent oral cancer too? Some types of oral cancer, like squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), can be detected by a dentist during a routine checkup in the early stages. In fact, dentists are actually better equipped to spot SCC than medical doctors (although both can detect and treat it). The best way to visit the dentist or oral surgeon is to set up a regular appointment, even if you don’t have any problems yet; this will allow your dentist to check your mouth regularly for signs of oral cancer and other issues.

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Get a professional cleaning and checkup

The American Cancer Society recommends getting a professional dental cleaning and checkup once every 12 monthsor more frequently if you smoke or drink heavily— to identify and treat any problems early. This is important because while SCC can be detected early by a dentist, it can also be present in a much less serious form that may not be detected by the dentist. If you get a professional dental cleaning and exam every few months, your dentist will be able to find any precancerous or cancerous cells in your mouth and remove them, preventing oral cancer from developing. If you don’t have regular dental checkups, or only go to the dentist every few years, your risk of oral cancer is much higher.

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Stay out of the sun

UV rays from the sun are one of the biggest risk factors for oral cancer. Unfortunately, the lips are very susceptible to damage from UV rays, which can lead to SCC. The best way to prevent this is to avoid spending too much time in the sun, especially during peak hours. Wear a good sunglasses to protect your eyes, wide-brimmed hat to prevent the UV rays from damaging your lips. You may also want to consider using lip balm with an SPF or sun protection factor of at least 15.

Protect your lips and mouth with a small mouthguard

Another way to prevent oral cancer is by protecting your lips, which are very susceptible to damage from chewing tobacco. While quitting tobacco is always the best solution, a small mouthguard can help protect your lips and gums. They’re also useful for athletes who need to protect their lips from getting injured, like basketball players or martial artists. Be sure to choose a small mouthguard, as this will protect your lips better than a large one.


Oral cancer is a serious and often fatal disease, but it’s also one of the most preventable forms of cancer. If you have a oral cancer, you may want to visit your doctor to reduce your risk of developing it. This includes quitting any unhealthy habits like smoking or chewing tobacco, dentist regularly, and staying out of the as possible.

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