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Can failed Dental Implant be replaced?

Can failed Dental Implant be replaced?

Dental implants is a great way to replace missing tooth or teeth and provide a permanent option. A titanium screw fixed into the bone around which the bone forms and the implant gets fused to the jaw bone. Over a period of time crown resembling a natural tooth then replaced over it. Dental implants have a high success rate but about 5-10% of dental implants may fail; shortly after a procedure months or years later. So what are the failures associated with dental implants?

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What are the signs of a failed Dental Implant?

  • Severe Pain and Discomfort
  • Gum Recession around the dental implant
  • Difficulty while Chewing and Biting.
  • Mobile bridge and implants.
  • Smoking.
  • Swollen Gums.
  • Teeth Grinding.
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Causes of a Failed Dental Implant in most cases:

Peri mucositis and peri-implantitis

To undergo this procedure, healthy gums are important criteria. Gum disease is an infection which leads to damage of the gums and jaw bone. If the infection not treated and implant placed inflammation around preimplant tissue develop leading to pre-implant mucositis. This complication can arise during early stages of healing. If the infection not controlled at this stage it may progress to a more advanced stage periimplantitis. All this could lead to implant failure.

Loose Dental Implant failure

In the early stages of healing the process of fusion of dental implant with the bone takes place. This is called osseointegration and is important for the long term success of the implant. If due to certain reasons the implant fails to fuse with the bone it has to be removed.

dental implant fall out
Dental Implant Success

Nerve or Tissue Damage

Sometimes the dentist may unintentionally place dental implant close to the nerve. This can cause paresthesia, tingling sensation and pain. It may be transient or permanent. Injury to inferior alveolar nerve in lower jaw can be serious. Symptoms such as numbness at the site of the implant, lower lip, chin, persistent pain or discomfort, tingling, burning sensation in gums and skin seen.

Sinus Perforation

Upper dental implants can protrude into the sinus causing swelling and inflammation known as sinusitis. In addition symptoms include swelling around the cheeks, eyes, forehead, pain , blocked nose, sinus headache, toothache, high temperature.

Damage from excessive force

Patients who have the habit of clenching of teeth during sleep, tobacco chewing should be informed regarding the ill effects on excessive force on implants. Hence excessive force can cause dental implant to crack or become loose.


It  restricts blood flow to the gums causing dental implant failure. However still we can get a better outcome in smokers if they stop smoking till the healing completed.

After over 9200+ Dental Implants in one day, the Dental surgeons, have noted many benefits of Same Day Implant over its failures.

Medical conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes play a significant role in delaying the healing process.

Delayed healing in implant

Delayed healing can prevent osseointegration leading to implant failure. Thus its important to know the potential risk so that required steps can be taken prior to the implant surgery. Also includes follow up with the dentist for any gum or bone problem. Practicing good oral hygiene before and after surgery and controlling of habits.

An Exclusive Interview of the Dental stalwart Late Dr. Arun Chamria by Maharashtra Times, the No.1 print media daily; an initiative by Times Group. Dr. Arun Chamria, Chairman Director and Founder of Royal Dental Group of Companies construes on how failure is a stepping stone to success.

All failures can be overcome as they become stepping stones to further upcoming challenges. Can A Failed Dental Implant Be Replaced? Why not.

Royal Dental Implant in Mumbai

Dr Arun Chamria has a very positive approach to this question, he mentions that this is a churning of a sort where people who are at the top will come down and then will go up again. Dr Chamria says an incredible thing that as part of this churning, there will be lots of development as well. He mentions that our mythology is testimony to such incidents. With a bugger challenger, comes bigger developments.

Dr. Chamria concludes on this amazing and awe-inspiring series by saying, that whenever there are challenges in life, think that God has chosen that challenge for you and positively embrace it. Think of the outcome, you may fail many times but eventually you are bound to succeed.

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