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Be dental fear with Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

Dental fear is a most common aspect among different age groups of society. Along with fear anxiety and pain related issues observed by the dentist many years. To find a solution to because neurological factors a patient acceptable yet effective procedure invented. Scared to visit a dentist? Try looking for a dental clinic near you which can provide dental treatments by easing your comfort with sedation.

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is technique in which the use of drugs and gases reduce the state of depression on the central nervous system (CNS) enabling dental treatment to be carried out. During which verbal contact with the patient is maintained throughout the period of sedation. It also retains the patient’s ability to maintain a patent airway independently and continuously.  This procedure performed first time using nitrous oxide USA Horace Wells 1844. This individual was a dentist and he was successful in administrating conscious sedation to the patient. 

“Other Dental Clinics informed me that my dental treatment would take 2-3 months, whereas Royal Dental Clinics did the entire treatment in One Day and it was literally Not Painful at all.”


Sedation may be a process to establish a relaxed, easy and calm state through the utilization of sedatives. Sedative drugs often administered in a sort of way. Read more. The following are a few indications where conscious sedation can be helpful:

❎ Dental Phobia (dental fear) and anxiety or scared to visit a dentist

? Traumatic and long dental procedures involving more than 4 hours

❎ Medical conditions aggravated by stress like Angina, Asthma, Epilepsy

? Children more than one year of age

❎ Mentally challenged individual

? Ineffective local Anaesthesia due to any reason.

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Commonly Used Drug For Dental Fear:

  1. Nitrous oxide gas 
  2. Propofol
  3. Ketamine
  4. Ether
  5. Dexmedetomidine

Use Of Drug In-patient For Dental Fear:

  1. Oral tablet that can be swallowed containing Diazepam or Trizolam.
  2. Intra Muscular injection shot of Benzodiazepine such as Midazolam most likely in your upper arm or butt.
  3. Intra-venous shot with Benzodiazepine such as Midazolam or propofol in injected in the patient’s venous system, most commonly arm vein.
  4. Inhalation for patient during treatment through facial mask where he breathes nitrous oxide.

Stages of Conscious Sedation:

  1. Minimal: Patient feels relaxed but fully conscious and responsive.
  2. Moderate: Patient feels dizzy and may lose consciousness but is still somewhat responsive.
  3. Deep: Patient falls asleep and is mostly unresponsive.  
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Look for a dental clinic near you which provides dental treatment by easing your comfort.

Preparation for Conscious Sedation:

Patient Preparation:

Consent for dental treatment: Valid informed written consent is necessary.

Pre-sedation checkup: Patient detail history and examination should be done.

A through detailed airway examination is necessary for pediatric patients.

Pre-Operating Setup: 

Monitoring: All the equipments and instruments for monitoring to be ready.

Resuscitation apparatus and drugs should be ready if required.

To maintain a proper airway and adequate oxygen for patient.

Appropriate sized airway equipments and oxygen cylinder.

Dental Procedure: (Steps may differ based on the dental procedure)

Patient to be comfortable on the operating chair.

Patient will be induced with sedative by either delivery methods.

A waiting period of 15-20 minutes is kept till the time sedative acts.

The Dentist and Anaesthetist will monitor your breathing and blood pressure.

Once the sedative acts on the patient, your dentist will begin the procedure.

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  1. Conscious sedation is safe and effective for people who need minor surgery or a procedure to diagnose a condition. Dental fear is a most common among different age groups of society.

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