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10 Dental Trivia to impress Friends

dental trivia

Here are few dental trivia that may impress your friends. Most people, besides those in the oral healthcare industry only think about their teeth when something’s a miss with their teeth or oral health, like a toothache or other aesthetic issues with their smile or teeth. At Royal Dental Clinics, the team continues to share blogs on varied topics related to your oral health. It is important for readers to be aware of their oral health and here’s a little nudge in the form of some trivia!

dental trivia

Hence, Here are some dental facts from team Royal Dental that will surprise you, give you some trifle pertaining to oral health or will make you and your friends smile. We believe dentistry is all about bringing a smile to your face and doesn’t always have to be serious.

So here are Dental Trivia by team Royal Dental:

Teeth are the hardest substance in human body and if you don’t floss your teeth, you miss cleaning 35% of your tooth surfaces.

Cleaning teeth can help prevent a heart attack in the long run.

An average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. That is enough saliva to fill 2 swimming pools!

People prefer blue toothbrushes over red ones. Colour preferences are deeply rooted emotional responses that seem to lack any rational basis.

Teeth in a growing foetus begin to develop only six weeks after conception! Bet you did not know this dental trivia.

The human mouth contains more bacteria than there are people on earth.

If you brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, then you’re spending a whole day brushing your teeth for every year of your life!

After your eyes, your smile is what people notice most about you, so make sure you’re taking care of it!

Every person has a unique tongue print. Despite the number of times you get a tongue bite; the tongue goes first to clean the tooth even before your fingers.

Toothpicks are the most common object often pricked on tooth by Indians! Even higher than a floss or waterpik.

Wasn’t that fun? Did you learn something new? We hope so! Although these were some fun facts, there is no denying that taking good care of your dental health isn’t trivial.

Get your teeth fixed today and avoid being embarrassed in hiding your smile.

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  1. Royal Dental Clinics the team continues to share blogs on varied topics related to your oral health. It is important for readers to be aware of their oral health.

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