Wisdom teeth are usually the last tooth to erupt. They are also called third molars. They are usually four in number in the oral cavity.

A wisdom tooth may need to be removed due to reduce mouth opening, pain or a higher chance for pathological changes. Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure. An x-ray should be taken for diagnosis and treatment planning. The x-rays may point out the cause of pain which could be due to insufficient space for eruption, pressure on the adjacent tooth, cervical and root caries of the adjacent tooth, pericoronitis in case of partially erupted the third molar, the decay of partially erupted wisdom teeth, limited mouth opening, odontogenic cyst, abscess, cellulitis due to bacterial infection.

The above conditions can be treated with antibiotics, antiseptic mouthwashes, saltwater warm gargles and maintaining good oral hygiene. When the line of action does not suffice the surgical removal of wisdom tooth is considered. Also if there is no antagonist tooth against the wisdom tooth and if there is recurrent pericoronitis one should consider removing a wisdom tooth.