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Surviving Oral Cancer: Get Your Teeth Back!

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Cancer is a nasty word, but it doesn’t have to be. Cancer can be beaten and life can go on! One of the many ways to beat oral cancer is by taking control of your health with your teeth. Oral cancer in India is on a rise with more than 1 lakh new cases in 2018, according to the Global Cancer Observatory. The central challenge of most Oral Cancer forums is to focus on addressing this disease in India, which is the “Oral Cancer Capital of the World.”

This blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about getting your teeth back after oral cancer. From dentures to implants, we’ll take a look at the different treatment options available to you and what they mean.

Surviving Oral Cancer: Get Your Teeth Back!

What is oral cancer?

Oral cancers can develop around or on tongue, tissue lining the mouth and gums and the area of the throat at the back of the mouth. The cancer cells can enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body, which can lead to multiple failures.

If your cancer started on your tongue or gums, you might also find it useful to look at how Royal Dental Clinics, India advises on how to be vigilant and the perils of Oral Cancer. The most common type of oral cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, develops from the skin that covers your mouth and throat. They tend to invade into the bone and muscles and can spread downward into the neck if not treated in time. 

“Early detection is key to surviving oral cancer”.

Dr Chirag Chamria

Can I get teeth after oral cancer in India?

One of the most important things to do after a diagnosis of oral cancer is to remove and replace i.e get your teeth back. Your teeth are a vital part of your life, and you need them for eating, speaking, and smiling. Cancer treatments can destroy the bone in your jaws, which can lead to tooth loss. One of the most common questions patients have about oral cancer is “Can I get my teeth back?”

The dentist will take an impression for a full denture or partial denture and make a temporary dental bridge until your new teeth are ready. You may also need a prosthetic tooth or an implant if you’ve lost one or more teeth due to oral cancer. For those who want their natural-looking smile back as soon as possible, implants may be their best option. Implants provide a permanent solution that allow you to have all of the natural-looking teeth you deserve without having to worry about them falling out during treatment!

Oral cancer is a life-threatening disease that affects the head and neck. This type of cancer is different from other cancers in that it is the only one that can be prevented through early detection. Oral cancer can also affect teeth and this can be managed with CAJTeeth.

Dangers of Ignoring your mouth: Oral Cancer

You may not realize, but there is a chance that you could be ignoring the warning signs of oral cancer. The mouth has one of the highest rates of cancer among all cancers. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself from oral cancer by practicing good mouth hygiene and getting regular checkups.

Risk factors for Oral Cancer in India

Smoking, Alcohol or Tobacco (cigarettes, pipes, cigars) increases your risk of developing oral cancer to more than 90%. 

A personal or family history of mouth or throat cancer.

A diet low in fruit and vegetables may increase your risk of mouth cancer due to lack of vitamins and minerals.

Human papilloma virus may infect the skin and the cells lining body cavities. The virus can cause changes in the mouth and throat making them more likely to become cancerous in the future. 

“Early detection is key to surviving oral cancer”.

Research shows a slight increase in risk of mouth cancer; due to a similar diagnosis in a close relative (parent, sibling, or child).

Changes can happen in the cells in the lining of the mouth where the patches appear red or white.

When you’re diagnosed with oral cancer, the feeling is overwhelming. Research says that focusing on lifestyle changes can help to cope better with its side effects and improve your long term health.

Getting Teeth back after Oral Cancer

One of the most common questions that people ask is, how can I get my teeth back? There are a few different ways to go about getting your teeth back. The two primary options for tooth replacement are dentures and implants.

Option 1: Dentures

Dentures are a common option for those looking to replace their teeth. Dentures are typically made from acrylic or plastic and they’re placed over your gums to help support your mouth and fill in where your natural teeth have been removed. They’re often used as an interim solution, but some people have them permanently; it just depends on what you need.

Option 2: Dental Implants

Implants are a more permanent way to replace missing teeth, so they may be ideal for those who want something long-lasting. Unlike dentures, implants don’t cover up any natural teeth and instead integrate with your jawbone to hold them in place. Implants also require a surgery before they can be put into use, but this is typically done at the same time as removing the tooth you’re replacing (if needed). What’s more, implants will last much longer than dentures and in many cases, you’ll never need another one again!

Oral Cancer Affected Jaw Teeth in India

CAJTeethTM technology uses experience, expertise and skill to provide the best quality of life possible for people diagnosed with cancer affected jaw. Traditionally, any dental rehabilitation after cancer treatment, would be deferred by at least 2 years. But now with the advancement in 3D technology, the teeth are restored at the same time as that of the cancer surgery.

CAJTeethTM allows for the restoration of teeth which lost due to oral cancer. The rehabilitation of teeth allows for a more normal eating, jaw and oral function. Traditionally, any dental rehabilitation is deferred by at least 2 years. But now with the advancement in 3D technology, the teeth can be restored at the same time as that of the cancer surgery

Treatment for oral cancer in India.


Oral cancer is a scary diagnosis, but luckily it is also very treatable. In addition to the oral cancer treatments themselves, you can also take care of your teeth. While some teeth may need to be taken out, dental implants can replace lost teeth. And with the help of your dentist and oral surgeon, you may be able to save teeth that would otherwise need a root canal or extraction.

Oral cancer is a disease that can affect many different areas of the mouth and throat. Dr. Chirag Chamria, practicing Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics says that “It’s important to be aware of the risk factors and signs and symptoms so you can get help if needed. Whether it’s through regular visits to your dentist or doctor, brushing and flossing regularly, or avoiding the risk factors altogether, you should do what you can to keep your mouth healthy.”

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