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Can Root Canal Treatment take multiple visits?

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Root Canal Treatment processed to restore the functionality and aesthetics of a natural tooth. A root canal processed in either a single sitting or multiple sittings, depending upon the severity of the infection and the tooth involved. Your dentist will decide whether to carry out the procedure in a single visit or multiple visits. There are various ways to carry out a root canal procedure, which include abscess drainage via root canal therapy.

Usually, root canal therapy for anterior teeth done in single visit. As they don’t have any complex anatomy compared to the posterior teeth. In most cases at Royal Dental Clinics, root canal with fixed teeth restored on the same day.

Single Sitting Root Canal Procedure

A good dentist will inform the patient on how they will be inserting the “root canal”, namely filling the residual tooth pulp with suitable material like food and glass for discharging the infection. This procedure done with two instruments, one is the helical drill and the other is the multi-dimensional instrument.

However, you can expect two or three visits for an endodontic treatment, better known as a root canal. Your first appointment works on fixing the pain you probably have, and that shouldn’t take too long.

Can multiple Root Canal be done in single sitting?

Single Sitting Root Canal for multiple teeth are now possible in one day. A person’s dentition consists of a set of teeth that includes incisors, canines, premolars, molars. Molars are multi-rooted teeth and have multiple canals that need cleaning and filling during a root canal procedure. Some teeth which have long-standing chronic infections, swelling, abscesses, may require multiple sittings for root canal treatment. 

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However, it is important to save a moving tooth through prevention, which would include regular brushing, flossing, a rich diet of fluorides and fibres, and limiting sugar exposures. A 6-monthly visit to the dentist is recommended with or without a multiple tooth root canal treatment. The dentist would usually perform a thorough cleaning with ultrasonic instrumentation. All of this would strengthen the support of the gums and the periodontal ligaments of the tooth and prevent it from moving.

Root Canal for posterior Multiple Teeth!

Prolonged or long standing carious tooth which leads to periapical infections. In order to eradicate a periapical infection, one needs to thoroughly debride the canals and that takes multiple visit. 

Sleeping canals during root canal treatment one would encounter constant pus oozing out from the canals or bleeding of the canals, This could be the reason of an already present abscess with that particular tooth. So, multiple visits required in such cases to help ooze out.

Can Root Canal Treatment Take Multiple Visits? Choose Royal Dental!

Additionally, patients with reduced mouth opening where access to that particular tooth for complete debridement is hampered. The files do not reach to the end of the canals for cleaning and shaping. Such cases need to be handled in 2 or 3 visits, simultaneously asking the patients to undergo warm salt water gargles for relaxation of the muscles.

Calcification of canals encountered in long standing chronic infection and elderly patients.

However, Calcification commonly known as a blocked canal wherein the access to the apex of the root not met with, In such canals EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid) used for dissolution of calcium.

In order to keep the restorations looking their best. You should have a professional cleaning three or four times a year. The reason for such frequent cleanings are to remove food stains. That accumulate in microscopic spaces on the surfaces of the teeth. You should follow all the instructions given meticulously. And inform the attending dental surgeon for any uneventful happening during your next visit. This will enable the dental surgeon to guide you and also take suitable remedial measures promptly.

If it’s not possible for the patient to give enough time for the said root canal treatment, then the dentist along with patient’s consent would opt for multiple sitting root canal therapy!

In all the above cases, open or closed dressing given depending upon the infection. hence multiple root canal sittings are beneficial restoring the efficacy and functional values. Evidently, at Royal dental clinics the doctors to perform same day root canal treatment.

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  1. instead of going to my local Dentist, I opted to go to Royal Dental Clinics and I am highly satisfied.”

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