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How often should Teeth scaling be done?

teeth scaling

Every patient needs teeth scaling or dental scaling which is a common chairside dental procedure. However, teeth scaling comprises off cleaning of teeth surfaces, removal of tartar and plaque below the gums and deep root cleaning. It is a routine preventive dental procedure carried out for proper maintenance of oral hygieneOral prophylaxis usually carried out once in every 6 months or twice a year.

Whats cleaned during teeth scaling procedure? Calculus!

How Often Should Teeth Scaling Be Done?

Calculus can be in different forms:

Heavy calculus: It takes upto 10 days for the calculus to form. 

Medium calculus formers: It takes between 10 to 15 days for the calculus to form. 

Slight calculus formers: It takes more than 20 days for the calculus to form.

Heavy calculus formers require multiple visits of professional tooth cleaning frequently. Slight calculus formers May require teeth cleaning once in 6 months and it becomes a must for you to visit a dentist. 

Heavy calculus dental scaling formers generally have higher salivary levels of calcium and phosphorus than the slight calculus formers. Therefore, Slight calculus formers have higher levels of parotid pyrophosphate which inhibits calcification. Hence the formation time of calculus is influenced by the individual host, roughness of the tooth surface and patient’s oral self-care practices. 

So depending upon the rate of calculus formation, health of the gums and the patient’s ability to maintain his or her oral hygiene the dentist decides as to how often teeth cleaning should be done. 

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Dental cleaning done in order to even detect dental problems which are unnoticed at an early stage. The dentist while performing scaling or teeth cleaning comes across minor cavities, pit and fissure cavities, gum diseases or any oral dental lesion. This helps the dentist to diagnose these problems at an early stage.

Hence, the dentist schedule the oral prophylaxis appointments depending upon the patient’s dental condition. Therefore, patients who smoke, patients with gum diseases, cavity prone patients, diabetes, pregnant women need frequent dental visits for oral prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning.

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Teeth Scaling Once in every 6 months!


Healthy kids and adults should have their teeth cleaned via scaling at least twice each year. Periodontal problems can cause tooth decay and gum infection. Scaling is a safe and routine procedure and does not damage the tooth surface in any way. It must be done by a dental professional.

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  1. health of the gums and the patient’s ability to maintain his or her oral hygiene the dentist decides how often teeth cleaning should be done.

  2. Healthy kids and adults should have their teeth cleaned via scaling at least twice each year. its important to oral health.

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