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Dealing with a Broke-off Dental Crown?

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Crown act as a way to extend the life of an existing tooth that may harmed due to damage or erosion. Dental crown given over a fractured tooth, root canal treated teeth or a dental implant. The extensive masticatory forces usually fracture or brake the crown. In some cases an imbalanced occlusion can also lead dislodgement of the crown or breakage of the crown. Other causes of crown fractured could be breakage due to trauma, biting on hard objects, clenching or grinding of teeth. Dealing with a Broke-off with Dental Crown? Read more!

If this happens to you, the most important thing is to retrieve the crown so you can take it to a dentist. There’s a chance that they can clean it up and fit it back into your mouth. Next, call a dentist to make an appointment. You’ll need to either get the crown replaced or get a new one. A re-root canal may be advised.

In general, fractured crown is not a dental emergency. The only time you’d need to call our emergency dentist for a broken crown is if the jagged edges of your tooth are sharp. In that case, you may need emergency dental care so you don’t cut your tongue or cheeks by accident.

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Every time when your dental crown gets fractured or comes off during a dental treatment the first thing that you need to be aware of is not to panic. The thing to remember is that your crown may have come off because of either:

Your dental crown cracked during a dental treatment or due to some other reason

If your crown comes off, then you will probably have difficulty in positioning it back into place.

What to do when your dental crown breaks-off?

It’s important to find out what actually happened that your crown came off. If your crown comes off while a root canal is being done or your crown broke during the procedure, then you will need to refer to your dentist as soon as possible. It will be safe to say that this is not something to worry about.

Crowns fabricated using shock absorbable permanent materials such as SAPT.Resin, SAPT.HIPC or SAPT.BioPeek. Crowns can also be non-polymer such as Ceramic and Zirconia. 

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If a dental crown damaged or fractured

Or cracked, one may need to see a dentist. The broken crown with sharp edges can whereas cause soreness to the tongue and ulceration. Some may have experienced hot and cold sensitivity depending upon the underlying tooth. Inspect the crown and check if pieces are missing or dislodged. If the crown is easily removable then you may pull-off rather than swallowing it. Repairing the cracked or fracture dental crown depends on various types of material the crown fabricated on also the amount of damage and its severity.

If a dental crown material

Same as that of the tooth in other cases the crown would only need to be reshaped or smothered. If the chip or crack is severe enough, one may require crown. Every patient is unique, and your dental health needs are as individual as you are. New SAPT.HIPC crowns repaired directly in the oral cavity. Veneers placed in anteriors for smile beautification. In case of resin crown a temporary repair can be made by adding resin to the fractured tooth or by building a part of the dislodged crown. 

SAPTeeth polymer crowns to reduce broke-off!

SAPT.HIPC and SAPT.Resin crowns repaired in a day directly in the patient’s mouth minimising time and frequent dental visits! Whereas in case of ceramic and zirconia crown, the fractured crown needs to be repaired in lab for reconstruction. This cannot be done in a day’s time and the number of dental visit required may increase. Crown repair or replacement is of utmost importance in order to restore the natural tooth structure helps mastication for a balanced occlusion. 

Your teeth are the most important part of your body. Since your dental health is related to your general health it is also equally important to keep you happy and healthy. That is why we have included various general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry including root canal at Royal Dental Clinics.


If a dental crown is damaged or cracked, call your dentist for advice on how soon you need to be seen. You may need to see an emergency dentist. ental crowns can break. People frequently break or chip crowns made of porcelain. If the chip is tiny, the chip can be repaired using composite resin and the crown may remain in the mouth. However, in a case where the chipping is extensive or when there are many chips, the crown may have to be replaced.

Dental crowns are known as cap that surround your severely damaged tooth. Dental crowns are restore the strength the appearance of your tooth. You would need to gently clean the inside of the tooth first. Then, your dentist will dental adhesive to “glue” the crown back into its spot on your jawline.

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