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Thriving as one of the Best Dentists in Mumbai; Dr. Chirag Chamria is proud to provide great dental care experience towards his patients. Being rated as the best dentist in Mumbai amongst his cult of patients, Dr. Chirag Chamria understands the patients perspective when it comes to Oral and Dental Healthcare. He firmly believes that the moment a patient is made to feel into a cocoon like comfortable environment, the battle is half won. Let’s read some FAQs on dental treatments like root canal, dental implants, crowns etc.

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How does a dentist know if your tooth can be saved by a root canal treatment?

Dental Medicine and Dentistry has come a long way from doing what individual practises or few people say. Dentistry is now practised as per the evidence reports. This is called as evidence-based dentistry. Listed down are few causes for which root canal treatment are performed: –

  • Tooth decay
  • Infected pulp
  • Fractured tooth
  • Unfixed/mobile/mobile tooth
Root Canal Dental Treatment Procedure by Dentist in Mumbai

There is a school of thought which says that if a tooth can be restored in a way such that it can serve for at-least one year then the tooth ought to be saved. However, most of the teeth can be protected the procedure of root canal treatment or pulp therapy. But depending upon the severity of the cases there may be a requirement of other procedures as well to save the tooth.

Are dental implants a permanent solution for tooth loss?

Yes, dental implants can be a permanent solution for tooth loss. But each and every effort should be made by the dentist to save the natural tooth. Dental implants require a lot of maintenance and frequent dental visits, which is not the case with natural teeth. Patients who suffer from medical conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism have to practise extra care to keep their implants intact.

The success rate for the dental implants is as follows: –

  • For 10-15 years its success rate is 90%
  • For 0-5 years its success rate is 95%

How many days does the pain exist after a root canal dental treatment?

If the procedure of root canal is performed accurately then the pain is relieved immediately after the treatment. But due to the treatment and the instrumentation the pain may persist for 2 to 3 days. This pain can be managed using paracetamol tablets. Your dentist may provide you with some medication usually pain killers to manage the pain.

 A successful root canal can cause mild pain for a few days. This is temporary, and should go away on its own as long as you practice good oral hygiene. You should see your dentist for a follow-up if the pain lasts longer than three days.

Molar teeth removal
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Why would a crown suddenly be feeling painful after years?

Pain which is occurring after a span of four years is chronic pain, meaning the cause of the pain has been underlying for a long time. There are several reasons due to which the pain might be occurring after 4 years of the completion of the process: –

Secondary caries– A neighbour tooth might have developed caries which can be causing pain in the tooth on which the root canal procedure was performed.

Secondary infection– Bacterial accumulation due to stuck food between the teeth can a secondary infection which later on can develop pain in the tooth.

Imbalanced occlusion– When imbalanced or excess forces are applied on the tooth on which the procedure is performed it may result in damaging the crown and causing excessive pain. This can happen due to chewing improperly or due chewing very hard food substances like walnut and sugarcane.

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Dental Crown

Why have teeth pulled when you can have them repaired?

Getting a tooth extracted instead of getting it repaired is more often than not the easier choice to make. But there are 3 main reasons which affect their decision: –

Cost of tooth repair is expensive– The process of repairing the tooth involves a procedure known as pulp therapy. There may be other procedures involving the gum and bone required to save the natural teeth. In cases of financial constraint tooth extraction can be done to give relief from pain. But ultimately replacing this tooth with implant would result in an expense and therefore it turns out to be more expensive in the long run. 

On Dentist in Mumbai’s suggestion– Many dentists are of the opinion of extraction. And, therefore the patients also decide for extraction. 

Skill & Expertise – Repairing a tooth requires greater skill and expertise. The technical know-how is important. Saving a tooth is a multi-dental speciality field.

Royal Dental Treatment

We at Royal Dental Clinics always believe in saving the natural tooth. Extraction of the tooth is the last resort when nothing seems to work for the patient. We would like to encourage all the dentists and patients around the world to make an effort to save the natural teeth because its long lasting and always a step ahead.

Is it okay to do root canal dental treatment before implant or delay it?

Yes, you can proceed with your root canal, scheduled 10 days before your implants. No, the procedure of root canal won’t cause any secondary infection. Root canal is a process which is performed to eradicate tooth infection, so you need not to worry about it causing any infection.

At Royal Dental we perform both root canal and implant fitting on same day without any complications. Our recommendation to you would be not to delay the process. But taking good care after the procedure in complete is imperative.

Dental Treatment

Can this broken tooth be fixed with dental treatment?

Yes, a broken tooth can be fixed. The treatment depends upon the level of fracture. You should consult your dentist for your exact assessment and further treatment. Many procedures are pulp therapy, crown lengthening, & post and core treatment may be required for the treatment. 

How long should pain after tooth extraction last?

Usually, the pain after a tooth extraction lasts for 1-3 days. The total healing process of the tooth takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Make sure to eat only those food items which are suggested by your dentist so that the pain doesn’t aggravate. Your dentist would prescribe you some medication to manage the pain.

I wanna avoid any further extractions what is the solution?

Yes, you may avoid extraction in most cases. Your dentist should keep in mind a few things before fitting the implant.

  • Lower mesiodistal space is enough.
  • There should be enough bone present for implant placement

This way there should be absolutely no need for further extraction. The healing after extraction happens from within the bone to the out. Therefore, chewing the food will have no impact on the healing. Having said that you may want to hold back on spicy and sour food to avoid pain due to open wound. 

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