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Which are the Best Dental Implant clinics in India?

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Dental Tourism: Dental implant clinics in India are trending. Implants look and feel like natural teeth, and they can last for decades with the right care. If you’re in search of the best dental implant clinics in India, keep reading to learn more.

Implant dentistry at Dental Implant clinics is an area of dentistry that focuses on replacing missing teeth with artificial implants (i.e., something other than a bridge or conventional partial denture). There are two main types of dental implants: endodontic and osseointegrated. These implant types differ based on where they’re placed in the mouth.

Why India is Best for Dental Implant?

India is a diverse country that is home to over a billion people and boasts a rich cultural history. Its a confluence of important religious belief systems like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc.. India prides itself in giving the message of peace and linguistic harmonies of these communities.

Medical visa numbers have risen which shows more people are traveling from various countries to India for dental implants and other treatment. In 2016, Indian hospitals surveyed had 4.5L+ International patients.

Reasons visit India Dental Clinics for Implant

Low Cost of Treatment when compared to the first world countries like the US and UK.

Getting Visas for medical purposes is much easier than before.

Access to immediate service and lesser or no waiting time.

Indian dental services can provide world-class and standardized medical services and care with the help of the latest technology.

India provides an opportunity for the medical tourists to visit some of the most beautiful and artistic places at economical prices.

Dental Tourism in India I Implant Clinics

Dental tourism offers superior dental and oral care under the guidance of experienced surgeons, doctors, and support staff at an affordable cost. This may require a patient to plan a visit to India, in order to receive the treatment required. With advancements in healthcare in India, dental tourism has increased multifold with India.

Medical Tourism to India has witnessed a great rise in the last couple of decades with almost 30% annual growth. With exponentially high costs of medical treatment in developed countries, especially the United States, UK and Australia, more people from across the globe are finding India as a prospective place. It is not unusual to find people visiting the country for dental tourism in India.


Dental clinics in India have seen enormous growth in the recent few years. Dental tourism or dental vacation is about searching for dental treatments outside your own country, followed by a vacation. It could involve traveling abroad for affordable dental treatment, or procedures that are most expensive or unavailable in one’s own country.

India has highly trained dental care professionals and is rapidly coming up as one of the dominant dental tourism destinations in the world. As a result, dental vacations in India are a thing and people are loving the idea of going to a vacation while getting their medical treatment done.

Expensive Dental Implant Clinics outside India

Thousands of people from all parts of the world including the USA, Europe, and Africa, etc. are coming to India every year for affordable but best in class dental treatment as the cost of dental procedures in most of these countries is sky-high. Apart from dental treatment costs, tourists would find India as an amazing country to explore various landscapes and cultures. This is the reason why India has recently become a major tourist hub of best dental implant solution.

Dental treatment procedures in India are about to be 7-10 times cheaper when in comparison to the hospitals of the other countries. With such high-cost procedures, people have started to join their travel with dental treatments ending up by having a luxurious holiday for an even lesser price. It is a well-known fact that India has one of the best-skilled dentists across the globe; with quality, accessibility availability and lowcost this country has witnessed an extraordinary growth dental tourism industry.

About 135,000 people from across countries travel to India yearly for inexpensive healthcare procedures. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Goa, Chennai, Jaipur and much more are known for great dental clinics in India.

Dental Implant Case Study

Cost for Dental Implant in India

The Tooth Implant Cost In Mumbai India is quite low compared to other countries. The CAGR of dental services has grown significantly over the past few decades. With the ongoing pandemic and the fact that most of us work from home, dentists believe this is the perfect time for a smile makeover. Leaving home and attending social events is minimised, so this time is most often used to get used to your beautiful smile.

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“Dental implants can last their entire service life as long as they have a solid base and apply occlusal forces along the long axis of the implant without occlusal interference. Immediate success of an implant depends primarily on the torque at insertion, and long-term survival depends on the stability of the occlusion.

Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are the best solution for tooth loss from periodontal disease, tooth decay, injury, or trauma. If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, dental implants can help you eat and speak normally again. An important factor to consider is your oral health. Dental implants won’t work for you if your gums are too inflamed or if you don’t have enough bone for the implants to be placed.

If you are missing one or more teeth, and your dentist has ruled out other treatment options, dental implants may be your best solution. You should also consider getting dental implants if you have existing dental work, such as dentures, bridges, or crowns. Most adults are good candidates for dental implants. However, children and teens may not be the best candidates due to their growing bodies and developing mouths.

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Success with Best Dental Implants have higher success with same day SAPTeeth.

In fact, according to a National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery case report, there are several advantages to using the Same Day Implants method rather than the traditional method. After over 10000 such successful, Implants In One Day, our Dental surgeons, have noted the following benefits of Same Day Implants:

The implant fuses to the bone better as desired.

The soft tissues and gums heal more quickly and are less likely to recede.

The patient has an immediate restoration, meaning they don’t leave the office with any missing teeth.

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