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White Spots on Teeth ? Get Smile Makeover

white spots on teeth

If you’ve ever wondered about those tiny white spots on your teeth, you aren’t alone! It sounds scary, but it’s actually a common cosmetic dental problem that most people will experience at some point in their life. If White Spots are your concerns then continue reading about smile makeover; if not then click here .

Healthy teeth, free of any decay, cracks or discoloration is a dream for many. Certain people do encounter white spots on their teeth. These spots are opaque, creamy or chalky white. They appear to by dried areas on the tooth surface. They may vary from tiny specs to larger spots or streaks. White spots may be present on a single tooth or multiple teeth. Presence of these spots reduces the pearly shine of the teeth or tooth, thus becoming a matter of concern. White spots have thin brittle enamel which tends to fracture easily. At time these may lead to cavities.

white spots on teeth
Beautiful young female but with a white spotted smile.

If youve ever wondered about those tiny white spots on your teeth, you arent alone. White spots on your teeth are a form of acute discoloration known as de-calcification. It sounds a bit scary, but its actually a common cosmetic dental problem that most people will experience at some point in their life which is getting white spots on their teeth.

Dr Chirag Chamria

Common Causes:

Dental Fluorosis: This is more likely if you live in an environment which has high salt content in drinking water such as near desert belts. The recommended daily requirement of Flouride is around 2mg/day which roughly translates to 1 part per million fluoride in drinking water. Dental Fluorosis occurs due to excessive ingestion of fluorides when teeth are forming. The damage causes certain intrinsic changes creating this white spotty appearance on the enamel.

Dr. Chirag Chamria, Royal Dental Clinics, goes ahead and introduces us and educates us on to the topic of white spots on teeth. Get to know about Cosmetic Smile Makeover options at dental clinics.

Developmental Anomalies: Developmental anomalies or enamel hypoplasia or deficient enamel are different terms of the same condition. These caused due to improper formation of enamel matrix. This in turn gives rise to opaque enamel surface which seen in forms of a pit, concavity, or groove. The four main causes are: Nutritional deficiency during childhood, Deficient calcium intake, Birth injury and Trauma from deciduous teeth.

Tooth Decay: White spots adulthood most commonly seen due to decay. In fact the first sign of decay is the white spot. This most often missed. So a filling can be done at this point or a topical fluoridation therapy can be advised.

Cosmetic dental treatment options for White Spots.

Mild fluorosis: If you have minimal spots and not eroded then it may be mild fluorosis then. Its of very minimal aesthetic challenge and managed with teeth bleaching and whitening. To view homemade remedies for bleaching click here.

Moderate fluorosis: In cases of moderate fluorosis, the surface of the tooth is uneven with staining along with white spots. Usual treatment recommendation is Micro abrasion of enamel or enameloplasty along with bleaching.

Severe fluorosis: In such cases, the spots affect the whole arch which should be treated by tooth coloured bridge work or a full moth rehabilitation. 

The above is only for information purposes. It is always advisable to schedule a consultation before seeking treatment.

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Treatment Options for White Spots due to Developmental Anomalies.

  1. Resin bonded sealants
  2. Crowns and bridges
  3. Composite fillings
White spot treatment | Cosmetic Dental

Treatment Options for White Spots due to Tooth Decay.

Milk Teeth – White spots in primary or deciduous teeth can be avoided by monitoring the child’s brushing techniques and toothpaste intake. One should avoid swallowing of the toothpaste. Brittle enamel can be repaired by cosmetic fillings or sealants.

Permanent teeth—Adults show concern due to cosmetic smile makeover reasons. It can be resolved by consulting your dentist for various treatment options that enhance the smile efficiency.

Adequate calcium intake helps build healthy strong enamel during tooth development. Deficient calcium causes demineralized spots on the enamel surfaces. Hence, calcium is important and can be met with healthy balanced diet. Certain antibiotics may cause spots on tooth surfaces. Hence one must consult their dentist for drug related spots.

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Mild cases which are minimal to one or two teeth only. These specs or pits of white spots can be repaired with composite fillings, pit and fissure sealants and enamel micro abrasions.

Moderate cases where multiple teeth involved, corrected by veneers, crowns and professional dental bleaching.

Severe cases affecting the whole arch should be treated by tooth colored bridge work or a full moth rehabilitation.

Dental Makeover in one day
Dental Smile Makeover for white spots!

Thus we can conclude that white spots are no longer a matter of concern as various advanced cosmetic dental procedures can help every individual with healthy spotless smiles. The fundamental key here is to not do self-diagnosis and visit your dentist near by to rule out any decay.

Also there are smile makeover alternatives available such as laminates, veneers, crowns, composite etc. , if the white spot is unaesthetic. So it is advisable that you visit your dentist when you notice white spots on your teeth and your dentist after examination will be able to provide the best solution suitable to you.

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  1. White spots adulthood most commonly seen due to decay. In fact the first sign of decay is the white spot. Treatment Options for White Spots due to Tooth Decay in Royal dental Clinic.

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