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6 Oral Hygiene mistakes by Women


Maintaining oral hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. In this fast progressive times, where women stepping out, becoming independent, earning for their livelihood and achieving big goals; but minor aspects such as oral health get overlooked. This could lead to major issues such as oral and overall health deterioration specially in women. To avoid the consequences of this negligence all the working women out there should focus on self-care as well.

Here are some common oral hygiene mistakes that working women make unknowingly!

Overall health

Brushing in a hurry

Due to time constraints, working women are not able to give time for brushing their teeth. It is important to brush slowly, lightly and gently for 2 mins twice a day. Back and forth tooth brushing strokes should avoided as it could damage gums and tooth enamel. One of the most common oral hygiene mistakes by working women.

Flossing for oral hygiene

Due to hectic office hours and as most of the time spent in office working women are unable to floss their teeth. Flossing works best when done daily. It facilitates cleaning between your teeth and the gumline which tends to reduce the bacterial load. This reduces the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and early tooth loss. Flossing reaches out to 48% of your teeth which are hidden in between. Working women could take a short break after lunch and try to floss to keep their oral hygiene good.

women smiling in peace
Smile and keep shining.

Less water consumption

Water plays a major role in maintaining general as well as oral health and hygiene. Ideally 2-3 liters of water should consumed per day. Less water consumption leads to dry mouth. Dry mouth attracts bacteria and fungi leading to bad breath and tooth decay. Working women often forget to consume enough water whether it be due to hectic schedules or lifestyle.

Eating habits of women

Most of the times due to work pressure, stress, women tend to munch and snack frequently in between meals. Sugary food items and beverages consumed in large amounts. These sugary products are harmful for oral health. Bacteria thrive on these sugary substances produce acids which attack the enamel of the tooth leading to tooth decay and cavity formation. Read about the right diet for food.

Smoking and other habits

With an increase in the availability and access to additive substances there is always an inherent risk of smoking. Such habits have a detrimental effect on life and especially the oral cavity. Women who smoke have an increased risk of heart disease and some may have an increased risk of cancers, such as lung, pancreatic, kidney, liver, throat, bladder, and colorectal cancers.

Oral Hygiene Mistakes by Women! Are you doing it too?

Hormonal Changes

Literature suggests that the female hormones are actually protective for the gums and the bone. But during pregnancy, or menopause there are various hormonal changes which take place. These hormonal imbalances may create oral hygiene issues.

Though this cannot be fully avoided, working women can maintain their oral hygiene by gargling with or without mouthwash right after consuming food or beverages. Taking the time out twice a year for a few minutes for a professional dental checkup and preventive measures would help maintain the health of the oral cavity.

Multitasking is an art that women have mastered but that often doesn’t include selfcare. Oral hygiene is the key to healthy lifestyle. Hence, it should always be a priority. Take care of these 6 Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes By Women and mostly health issues will be resolved.

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