When can root canal therapy take 2 or more visits?

Root canal therapy is performed to restore the functionality and esthetic purpose of a natural tooth. Root canal therapy can be done in either single sitting or in multiple sittings. Depending upon the severity of infection and tooth involved dentist will decide whether to carry out the procedure in a single visit or multiple visit. There are various ways of root canal procedures which include abscess drainage via an root canal therapy or an intentional root canal therapies done in full mouth cases for occlusal rehabilitation.

Intentional root canal therapies can be done for full mouth cases in single sitting. These root canal therapies have been carried out successfully. Usually, root canal therapy is for anterior teeth are done in single visit as they don’t have any complex anatomy compared to the posterior teeth. Posterior teeth or multiple rooted with complex anatomy.

Prolonged or long standing carious tooth which leads to periapical infections. In order to eradicate a periapical infection, one needs to thoroughly debride the canals and that takes multiple visit.

Seeping canals: During root canal therapy, one would encounter constant pus oozing out from the canals, bleeding from the canals . this could be the reason of an already present abscess with that particular tooth. So, multiple visit are required in such cases to help ooze out the increment in increments.

Patients with reduced mouth opening where access to that particular tooth for complete debridement is hampered, the files do not reach to the end of the canals for cleaning and shaping. Such cases too need to be handled in 2 or 3 visit simultaneously asking the patients to undergo warm salt water gargles for relaxation of the muscles and ease mouth opening.

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Calcification of canals: Such kind of canals are encountered in long standing chronic infection and elderly patients. Calcification is commonly known as a blocked canal wherein the access to the apex of the root is not met with. In such canals, RC (EDTA- Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid) is used. It’s a chemical used for dissolution of calcium .In every sitting , new dressing of EDTAis given to breakdown the calcified dentin in order to access the apex for debridement.

Time constraint: If its not possible for the patient to give enough time foe the said root canal treatment, then the dentist along with patient’s consent would opt for multiple sitting root canal therapy.

In all the above cases, open or closed dressing is given depending upon the infection. hence multiple root canal sittings are beneficial restoring the efficacy and functional values. At Royal dental clinics, we are specialised in same day fixed teeth and hence have developed expertise in same day root canal treatment.

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