We have the Solution for the Smile you have been Hiding!

If for some reason you have lost a tooth, it is normal to feel embarrassed to a certain extent, especially when you smile. The good thing is that there is a solution that can put an end to your embarrassment! That is called an “implant.” I will explain it here. There are many reasons why someone may have lost a tooth: A cavity, an accident, a broken tooth, or simply a baby tooth that fell and no tooth grew in its place. A missing tooth has consequences on people’s confidence, their look, esthetics, and the way they eat. That is the reason why it is so important to solve this issue through an implant. 

An implant is a procedure by which the dentist will make a little hole in your dental bone (this is a nearly painless procedure!), in order to insert an implant, which will have the same function that the root of your teeth have. It will be the anchor to your new fixed tooth. Without the root, it would be impossible to prevent the teeth from moving, or performing actions such as biting. That is the function of an implant. Then, once the implant is there, the dentist will make what is called a “crown.”

Even though there are many solutions to fix the space left by a missing tooth, the most natural one is through an implant. It is almost always, also one of the most economic ones.

The crown, resembles a tooth, so that no one will ever be able to tell it is not a real tooth. And once again, this is a painless procedure, unlikely any other dental procedure you may have had in the past. The crown, then, will be position over your implant. It can always be removed, and cleaned, and is as hard as rock, for which reason it will be safe when eating any meal!

There are two main reasons, then, why you will want to get an implant if a tooth is missing:

In the first place, you will not be embarrassed anymore before others when you smile or speak. If the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth, have you noticed how you tend to laugh or smile by closing your lips, as if hiding that open space? That’s normal though, because we tend to feel embarrassed by it. Therefore, there is an esthetic reason to get an implant and cover that space up, so that you will be proud again of your beautiful smile!

The second reason is a functional one. Some people think they don’t need an implant because their open space lays at the back of their mouth, and since no one can see it, they don’t need that space to be covered by an implant. However, with one of your back teeth missing, it is really hard to get a proper bite and enjoy your meals. How can you really chew if a molar is missing? An implant will solve that forever!

Conclusion to Missing Smile

Just remember that an implant is a simple, painless procedure, which can be done within one to two hours in a day! There is no reason why you should not get one. Yes, you read it right, just one appointment and your smile and bite will change forever! Therefore, for those of you busy people, the solution has been waiting here for you all this time. No need to be embarrassed or having a hard time chewing your food anymore! Make an appointment today, and you will never look as good as when the space between your teeth has been covered by an implant!

The great thing is that no one will notice your implant, as it looks just as natural as any of your other teeth.

There will be no restrictions in what you can eat, which is also amazing! At the same time, you will be able to clean around the implant as you do with any of your other natural teeth, so that the area will be cleaner than ever, as no food will be stuck in between that space as before the implant!   

Make an appointment today, and finally get that implant you need so that you can proudly smile & eat all the time!

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