Tooth Sensitivity and Whitening Treatments

If you are one of those lucky few whose smile is a winning feature of their personality, then taking care of your teeth and ensuring that they are pearly white, is most definitely a must for you to consider. One of the guaranteed ways of achieving this is by opting for a tooth whitening treatment. This simple and easy dental treatment is among the best ways of boosting your self confidence and goes a long way in enhancing your smile for sure.

However, the most common downsides of getting your teeth whitened is tooth sensitivity. Although this condition is usually temporary, it is a constant irritant which causes pain if you ingest anything too hot or cold. This inflammation is is mostly due to peroxide which is used in whitening treatments. But there is no need to worry, since this situation can be easily tackled. Just follow the tips that we have listed below, and you and your smile will be just fine.

Tooth Whitening Options | May cause Sensitivity

1. Your dentist should be your go to guy

Let me just put it out there that when it comes to taking any decisions which include your newly whitened teeth, it is for the best that you consult your dentist at every step of the way so that precautions can be taken accordingly. It is of utmost importance that you not only heed the advice of your dentist but also follow it through. If you are using over the counter products to whiten your teeth at home itself, I would strongly recommend that you refer with your dentist beforehand so that you can be prepared for all the potential problems that you may have to face.

2. Consider taking pain killers

Generally, the tooth sensitivity is not all that painful but if your teeth have become hypersensitive which is proving to be a troublesome and painful process, then my advice would most definitely be to pop an advil or a Tylenol to relieve the pain. However, please consult your dentist before hand to make sure that this is alright.

Patient having multiple oral concerns such as bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, small teeth structures with pigmentation. Upon clinical evaluation patient was given multiple options including crowning, veneers, gum treatment and teeth cleaning.

3. Limit your intake of cold drinks and foods incase of tooth sensitivity

The procedure of getting your teeth whitened makes your teeth extremely temperature sensitive because of which it can create some really irritating sensitivity problems. One of the main things that trigger sensitive teeth is cold food and drinks. It can be a painful experience to put it lightly. Since the pain from tooth sensitivity is thankfully temporary, you don’t have to shy away from your favourite cold drinks and food for too long. I would highly recommend if you got an okay from your dentist first before diving teeth first into the cold foods.

4. Consider using sensitivity toothpastes for tooth

Usually, normal toothpastes are not good for recently whitened teeth suffering from tooth sensitivity since their chemical composition is rather strong and prove to be harsh. In such cases it is best to go for toothpastes made to cater to sensitive teeth like the Colgate Max White Professional System which comes highly recommended.

5. Definitely use soft bristled toothbrush for tooth

Another thing to consider is a soft bristled tooth brush which is gentle in its strokes but also does its work in maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth. It is much better than the usual rum of the mill toothbrushes which not only have hard bristles but also hurt your teeth immensely.

Conclusion to Tooth Sensitivity and Whitening Treatments

Sensitivity of teeth is usually for a very short duration, lasting for not more than two days at the most. However, if it develops into a recurring habit, then it is strongly recommended that you visit your dentist at the earliest. It is also recommended that you consider taking a rain check on teeth whitening procedure if you are already suffering from tooth sensitivity, since it can aggravate your condition even more. But other than that, if you just follow the tips mentioned above, then you will be good to go in no time at all.

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