Single Stage Immediate Loading Implant

Dental Implants are a way to replace the missing tooth in your mouth which feels and looks the most natural, in comparison to the alternates. Dental implants have been around since the 1950s. With the experience of around 35 years in dentistry and 20 years in implantology, we have been able to successfully deliver results of same-day fixed teeth with dental implants.  After advanced training and innovative research conducted by International Institute of Dental Research now same day loading of dental implants with predictive results are possible even in very less or virtually no bone.

If you have a missing tooth then dental implant are one of many options for the replacement of the same. Dental implants are prosthetic devices which act as root replicas on which a crown or cap can be fixed.

In case of a broken tooth, generally it is seen that the root is healthy and only the crown of the natural tooth is damaged. In such situations, implants may be the last alternative treatment. The natural root can be saved by using various modalities like pulp therapy, post and core and splinting. These modalities would increase the life of the natural remaining tooth structure and hence protect the bone also.  

In the first interesting video of the series “My Dental Implant Teeth” by Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Royal Dental Clinics, throws light upon this unique topic of Dental Implants with Fixed Teeth In One Day. Dr. Chirag Chamria explains about this modern technique of Dental Implants where teeth can be fixed in just One Day.

But, in cases where the root is also completely damaged or non-salvageable, then the root may have to be removed or extracted. In cases of no active infection, a dental implant can be placed immediately and given an artificial tooth on the same day. To get a prosthesis or artificial tooth in place on the same day, a bridge with the help of neighboring tooth or a dental implant can be placed. In cases of weak bone conditions both splinting with bridge and dental implant placement may be required.

Success of Single Stage Immediate Loading Implant

To successfully and predictively place dental implants and then to be able to fix artificial teeth with function and aesthetics requires seamless coordination between the doctors, radiology, staff, laboratory and patient. At Royal, we have in house CBCT (dental x- rays) and in house laboratory with the latest CAD-CAM and 3D printing technology to ease the process.

In more advanced and complex cases such as oral cancer rehabilitation or bony defects due to pathology, we may require virtual surgical planning and then execution of the treatment.

Advantages of Immediate Loading Implants:

Turns out to be more affordable than two-phase, traditional implantation.

Can be used even in significant bone loss.

Nearly bloodless and painless procedure.

Complete oral rehabilitation can be done on the same day.

No waiting for 3 to 6 months of bone healing time.

No need for additional components, hence chances of hardware failure reduce.

Fast healing time, due to insignificant surgical intervention.

What is the difference between Immediate Loading Single Stage Implant vs Traditional Implant?

The procedure for Same Day Implants, starts with diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Chirag Chamria informs that with an in-house CBCT, the results are more accurate and time-saving. Dr. Chirag Chamria goes ahead and explains how traditional method of implants used several sub-procedures and would take weeks to heal and complete the procedure. We are then introduced to this amazing and modern technology used at Royal Dental Clinics, called as Flap-less Technique.

In this break-through technique, only a small hole is made in the area where the implant needs to go. Through this technique, the amount of bleeding is as low as pin prick during Sugar Testing. Hence the gums don’t require any healing time. The most important factor is the material of the tooth which is used over the implants. Royal Dental Clinics, uses its in-house manufactured SAPTeeth.

These are the most advanced materials used in Dentistry. What makes them unique is that they are Shock Absorb-able. With over 15 years of experience, the success rate of Implants In One Day or Same Day Implants is astonishing. To put it in numbers it is around 95% in 5 years and 90% in 10 years period. Dr. Chirag Chamria concludes that the costing of this method could be similar to most international companies doing Dental Implants, but the advantages of Implants In One Day, supersede the cost factor.

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