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Foul odor, shaking teeth, gnawing pain in the jaw, bleeding gums etc. are all signs of poor oral hygiene and gum diseases. In fact gum diseases are so important to treat that there is a whole specialty
dedicated to it; Periodontology. Gum diseases such has enlargement, recession can be associated with multiple systemic diseases and pregnancy as well.

A regular follow-up ensures that the gum diseases do not proceed to bone loss and there by causing tooth mobility. A bi-annual professional oral hygiene maintenance is the base minimum which one should follow.

In cases where the gum diseases have become worse and tooth mobility has started in those cases it is advisable to splint the teeth together and also improve the crown root ratio.

At Royal, we can save these teeth by splinting, capping, improving crown root ratio and other techniques to help save the teeth.

Gum Diseases & Teeth Mobility Case Study

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Medical Walk-in Process

Book An Appointment & Visit Clinic

Filled the case paper & X-ray & 2D/3D CT scan

Primary Consulting with the dental surgeon for T/T Plan

Advance Consulting for risk assessment

Best Possible T/T in the segment chosen by the patient

Follow up visit