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Occlusion or bite alignment is the way the teeth eat, muscles act and the joints move. The most challenging part of any dental procedure is to balance this occlusion in full-mouth rehabilitation dental treatment cases. Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Mumbai may include a range of procedures from curing gum diseases, pain in teeth, moving & shaky teeth, missing teeth, etc. These teeth are treated and then caps or bridges are fixed over it.

Night grinding may destroy your teeth which may occur due to stress or anxiety. Our team at Royal Dental Clinics is highly experienced in the effective treatment of bruxism or night grinding of teeth. Tooth Pain is typically defined as pain in the mouth or the oral area. ‘Tooth pain’ refers to a cluster of clinical problems resulting in pain due to various reasons. The most important stage when devising a treatment plan for tooth pain is identifying the cause and location of the pain. Bite Alignment is the way the teeth eat, muscles act and the joints move.

full mouth rehabilitation

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation is the reconstruction & restoration of worn-out teeth which helps in maintaining overall hygiene of oral mucosa, tongue, gingiva, and lips. In full mouth rehabilitation doctors at Royal Dental Clinic help to re-establish functional and biological efficiency. Full mouth rehabilitation is the reconstruction and restoration of worn-out teeth which helps in maintaining overall hygiene. Aesthetics play an important role in full mouth rehabilitation.

What is Aesthetics in full mouth rehabilitation?

Aesthetics in full mouth rehabilitation comprises multiple crowns, bridges, and implants along with gum surgeries and other minor surgeries. Aesthetic rehabilitation includes smile designing, aligning crooked teeth, whitening discolored teeth, closure of spacing, gingival augmentation, and restoration of fractured teeth which at Royal Dental Clinics can all be restored in One Day with SAPTeeth.

bite alignment

Royal Dental Clinics also corrects natural wear and tear of teeth by Occlusal Rehabilitation, which increases tooth efficiency and reduces pressure on the jaw bone. A solution that saves teeth and reduces the load on the jaws, this is an almost painless procedure. In cases where patients are looking for removable solutions; Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.

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Who needs full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation in Mumbai is typically recommended for individuals who have multiple dental concerns and require comprehensive treatment to restore the health, function, and aesthetics of their entire mouth. Eligible candidates for full mouth rehabilitation may include:

Dental filling

1. Severe Tooth Decay:

Individuals with extensive tooth decay that cannot be addressed with simple restorative treatments may benefit from full mouth rehabilitation.

missing teeth

2. Tooth Loss:

Those who have lost multiple teeth or are edentulous (without teeth) may require full mouth rehabilitation to replace missing teeth and restore proper function.

cracked teeth

3. Dental Trauma:

Individuals who have experienced significant dental trauma, such as fractures, dislodged teeth, or jaw injuries, may need comprehensive treatment to restore their oral health.

dental crowding teeth correction

4. Malocclusion:

Patients with severe misalignment, bite problems, or jaw discrepancies may be candidates for full mouth rehabilitation to correct their occlusion and improve their overall oral function.

Worn or Damaged Teeth

5. Worn or Damaged Teeth:

People with excessively worn, chipped, or damaged teeth may benefit from full mouth rehabilitation to restore their teeth to their natural form and function.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a comprehensive dental procedure that involves restoring and rebuilding the teeth, gums, and jaw to achieve optimal oral health, function, and aesthetics.

The specific dentistry services commonly involved in full mouth rehabilitation may include:
Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

  1. Dental Implants: These are used to replace missing teeth. Implants provide a strong foundation for dental crowns, bridges, or dentures, restoring both the appearance and functionality of the teeth.
  2. Dental Crowns: Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over damaged or weakened teeth to restore their strength, shape, and appearance. They are custom-made to match the color and contour of your natural teeth.
  3. Dental Bridges: Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring artificial teeth (pontics) to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. They help restore your ability to chew and speak properly.
  4. Dental Fillings: Fillings are used to repair teeth that have been affected by decay or cavities. They can be made from materials like composite resin, porcelain, or amalgam, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing restoration.
  5. Dental Veneers: Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. They can improve the appearance of stained, chipped, or misaligned teeth, resulting in a more even and attractive smile.
  6. Orthodontic Treatment: In some cases, orthodontic treatment may be part of full mouth rehabilitation to correct misaligned teeth and improve the bite. This can involve traditional braces, clear aligners, or other orthodontic appliances.
  7. Periodontal Treatment: If gum disease or other periodontal issues are present, periodontal treatments such as scaling and root planing, gum grafting, or periodontal surgery may be necessary to restore gum health and support the teeth.
  8. TMJ Disorder Treatment: Full mouth rehabilitation can address temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, which can cause jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms. Treatment options may include oral appliances, physical therapy, or other therapeutic approaches.

It’s important to consult with a skilled dentist who specializes in full mouth rehabilitation in Mumbai to determine which dentistry services are most suitable for your specific needs. They will create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Bite Alignment Before After

BEFORE & AFTER - Zygomatic Dental Implant Teeth

Full Mouth Implants

Full Mouth Missing Teeth

Full Mouth Missing Teeth

Implant in less Bone

Multiple Missing Teeth

Multiple Missing Teeth

Most patients above 45+ years end up losing a few or all of their teeth. It is estimated that 92% of adults between the ages of 20-64 years suffer from tooth decay in India. Likewise, the number of individuals who suffer from missing teeth is pretty high above 45+ years. The Zygomatic Implants are used for full mouth dental rehabilitation for severely resorbed bone. The traditional technique for implant placement was in the bone, but in cases with less or no bone, a Zygoma Implant recommended. Although, there is improvement in the quality of life of the patients, yet the invasive surgery involved needs to performed with utmost care.

BEFORE & AFTER - Single or Multiple Dental Implant Teeth

Few Missing Teeth

Tooth Mobility

Missing Teeth Implant

Full Mouth Smile

Single Missing Teeth

Dental Implant

When a tooth is missing, it can have a significant impact on both the function and appearance of your smile. A single missing tooth can affect your ability to chew properly and may lead to shifting of the surrounding teeth over time. To restore your smile and maintain dental health, various options are available, such as dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures. By replacing the missing tooth, you can regain the ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Consulting with a dentist will help determine the most suitable treatment option for your specific needs

BEFORE & AFTER - Full Mouth Root Canal Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Cosmetics

dental filling and root canal

Smile Makeover

Bite Alignment Before After

Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Look out for root canal dentist near me. Full mouth dentists treating multiple root canals would require good expertise in treating Root canals wherein the infection reaches the pulp. A filling will not help in treating the infection which has reached the pulp. Even the antibiotics will not resolve the infection completely. Hence, a well performed treatment is a pre-requisite for a successful outcome and to restore the function of the tooth after root canal treatment.

BEFORE & AFTER - Smile Makeover

Crooked Teeth

Bite Alignment

Teeth Correction

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Makeover

Full Mouth Makeover

Dental crowns can restore both the function and beauty of teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or damaged. At Royal Dental Clinics, we provide custom-fit porcelain dental crowns to patients in single sitting. Our crownsare made in our in-house dental laboratory by CAD-CAM in SAPTeeth material. A dental crown will enhance the appearance of the damaged tooth. More importantly, a dental crown will restore the tooth’s natural function. Your tooth crown will enable you to bite, chew, smile and speak naturally.


How long does a full mouth rehabilitation take?

The duration of a full mouth rehabilitation can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the specific treatment plan tailored to the individual’s needs. It is a comprehensive process that involves multiple procedures to restore the function and aesthetics of the entire mouth. Most full mouth reconstruction procedures can be completed in a single visit, while few may require multiple appointments due to oral health, medical conditions and overall health.

When is full mouth rehabilitation needed?

Generally, full mouth reconstruction is recommended for patients who have multiple dental issues that cannot be addressed with simpler treatments, such as fillings or crowns. Full mouth rehabilitation may be needed when there is extensive tooth loss, severe tooth wear, jaw misalignment, TMJ disorders, or multiple dental problems. It is determined on a case-by-case basis and requires a comprehensive evaluation by a dentist or prosthodontist

What is the cost of full mouth rehabilitation?

The cost of full mouth rehabilitation can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the specific treatments required, the complexity of the case, the geographical location, and the expertise of the dental professionals involved. It is difficult to provide an exact cost without a detailed evaluation and treatment plan.

The cost of full mouth reconstruction in Kandivali can vary widely depending on the specific procedures involved, the complexity of the case. And the experience and expertise of the dental professional. On average, full mouth reconstruction can cost anywhere from INR 5,00,000 to INR 20,00,000 or more. However, the cost of full mouth reconstruction is often worth the investment. As it can significantly improve your oral health, appearance, and quality of life.

Can International patients also contact for a 1-day implant?

Yes, international patients can also seek 1-day implant treatment. At Royal Dental Clinics we accept international patients and offer implant procedures that can be completed in a single day. We cater to the needs of international patients and provide assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation, and language interpretation if necessary. Prior communication and coordination with the clinic will ensure a smooth process and a successful 1-day implant treatment.